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iPad 2 Shows Up Early At Walmart USA

by on March 10th, 2011

Eagle-eyed Walmart shoppers have spotted the new iPad 2! The device has been spotted in a display case alongside the iPad 1 a day before the official release.

As seen in the photo, the box (upside down) is very different than the iPad 1, being thinner and showcasing the iPad 2 on an angle.

The image comes via RazorianFly and a MacRumors forum post details an encounter that almost had the iPad 2 purchased!

Stopped by electronics section while picking up some coffee for the wife this afternoon. Of course, they had the 1st gen iPads available at the $100 markdown price, but I was surprised to find the new models on the same shelf. Black only (at my rural walmart.) I didn’t check to see all the models available, but they definitely had the 16 and 32g in both Wifi and 3G varieties. They may have had more. They only had a few out. Sorry, I didn’t count them.I asked to buy one. The nice lady behind the electronics counter opened the case, pulled the 16gWifi out for me, and began to ring me up. I was really excited. BUT, the system notified her that she couldn’t sell them yet. She (mis)informed me that if I came back after midnight tonight I could get one. We’ll see.

If you’re heading to the USA tomorrow, maybe check out Walmart!

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