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iPad 2 Shipping Times Now 2-3 Weeks, Bad News For Canada?

by on March 11th, 2011

USA online sales for the iPad 2 through Apple’s online store started at 1AM PST on March 11, 2011. Since then, the shipping times have quickly changed as buyers continue to make their online purchases.

Initially starting at 3-5 business days, the shipping time quickly hit 5-7 business days. The shipping time now sits at 2-3 weeks and applies to all models, both colors.

This could potentially be bad news for Canadians looking to purchase their iPad 2 online in two weeks, as the USA ship dates may push Canadian availability further past the initial few days after March 25, 2011.

As for Smart Covers, most are 1-2 business days with a few hitting the 3-5 business day mark.

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  • Pickle

    I recall that, when the Ipad 1 was released the US saw similar rise in shipment dates, after a couple of days from release. When Apple.ca online store opened for Ipad sales it was still initially 1-2 day shipments. which leads me to believe that they have separate stock reserves per country.

  • wondering if any of the Canadians waiting at alderwood are from the Okanagan? If so, would any of you be willing to be bring back an extra ipad2 for me?

  • Sep

    can I order one from the US?

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