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iPad 2: Retina Display, Gyroscope, and USB Port?

by on November 26th, 2010

According to a new report from DigiTimes, industry sources are claiming that the next generation iPad will feature five key new features:

  • Video phone (FaceTime)
  • Better mobility (Lighter)
  • USB port
  • New display technology (Retina Display)
  • 3-axis gyroscope

In other words, the next generation iPad will reportedly include a FaceTime camera, a USB port, a Retina Display, be thinner and lighter, and feature the same iPhone 4 gyroscope.

Numerous reports have come from DigiTimes, such as the recent increased next generation iPad production. While there is no way yet to test the reliability of these feature claims, DigiTimes has been fairly accurate in the past.

While the majority of the previous feature list is likely to happen, the inclusion of the USB port is doubtful.

What do you think? Will the next iPad feature some or all of these new features?


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  • Sanjayb28

    I heard that the retina display might be iffy as well. It would drive up the price too much. Also, herd that there will be faster chip and more internal RAM. Whatever it maybe I can see myself purchasing version 2.

  • Rizulli

    I’m not sure about the retina display and the USB port (cost and Apple being Apple) but I think the rest are just about guaranteed. I may get iPad 2, could justify getting the first one.

  • Aloombox

    I am very happy with iPad 1, so the features of 2 are not that appealing. Lighter might be the only thing, but even now I don’t think it’s weight is an issue for me. It’s fine as it is.

  • I wonder if Apple will also be releasing another Apple case for the ipad 2 that wont be a dirt, and finger print magnet. Im already happy with my ipads and how they work already, having all these extra features would be icing on the cake, but im not so sure its enough to make me go out and buy the upgraded model :/

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