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iPad 2 Pricing in Canada: Should Be the Same as Last Year

by on March 2nd, 2011

Update 1: Apple.ca has updated their pricing for the iPad 2. Prices have dropped $30 compared to last year! Great news for us!

  • 16GB WiFi: $519 (CAN)
  • 32GB WiFi: $619 (CAN)
  • 64GB WiFi: $719 (CAN)
  • 16GB WiFi + 3G: $649 (CAN)
  • 32GB WiFi + 3G: $749 (CAN)
  • 64GB WiFi + 3G: $849 (CAN)

When the original iPad was launched last year, pricing for Canada wasn’t announced initially. We correctly predicted a price of $549 for the iPad launch in Canada. With today’s announcement of iPad 2, no Canadian pricing was set.

How Much Will the iPad 2 Cost in Canada?

Pricing for iPad 2 did not change in the US. If history repeats itself, that means pricing should stay the same in Canada.

Here are the iPad 1 prices from last year, which can be applied to iPad 2 when it launches in Canada:

WiFi Models:
$549 (CAN) for 16GB
$649 (CAN) for 32GB
$749 (CAN) for 64GB

WiFi + 3G Models:
$679 (CAN) for 16GB
$779 (CAN) for 32GB
$879 (CAN) for 64GB

What’s interesting to note though, is the US pricing is still cheaper, even though our Canadian dollar has been hovering above parity lately. Ahh, the joys of living in Canada. 😉

ipad 2

Who’s heading to the US next week to buy an iPad 2?

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  • steve81

    Here are my predictions based on the current difference between the US and Canadian iPad 1st gen (now $399 vs $419 for the WiFi 16GB):

    WiFi Models:
    $519 (CAN) for 16GB
    $619 (CAN) for 32GB
    $719 (CAN) for 64GB

    WiFi + 3G Models:
    $649 (CAN) for 16GB
    $749 (CAN) for 32GB
    $849 (CAN) for 64GB

    I hope Apple will go this way and I think we should be pressuring Apple Canada on this. Got the new MacBook Air 13 inch last Fall and it was just a $50 difference on a US$1299 product. So $20 would seem more reasonable for me. I guess we will know soon enough.

  • steve81

    Here’s something else to consider. Remember the full retail price of the iPhone 3GS vs iPhone 4 at launch :

    iPhone 3GS (Summer 2009)
    16GB: US $599 vs CAD $699
    32GB: US $699 vs CAD $799

    iPhone 4 (Summer 2010)
    16GB: US $599 vs CAD $659
    32GB: US $699 vs CAD $779

    We did get a price drop on the iPhone 4.

  • I am! o/

  • Sneakz

    I agree with this pricing. In fact, I think this will be the pricing. USD + $50 is simply too much.

  • Sneakz

    I agree with this pricing. In fact, I think this will be the pricing. USD + $50 is simply too much.

  • This really pisses me off! Our dollar is worth more than US and we are paying more for the ipad or anything else at the Apple Store. The iPad in Canada should be about the same as US price. I am tired of Canadians getting ripped off by the US.

  • Anonymous

    Taxes are higher on everything in Canada, so despite currency parody we do not have purchasing parody. Think about all the extra duty and import taxes we pay to bring a product to Canada, as well as the extra cost of fuel to transport all these iPads across the country.

  • Diver Dennis

    Th taxes are added afterwards, we are talking about pre-tax prices. Since the iPad is produced off shore, it is shipped directly to Canada.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not talking about sales tax, I’m talking about the taxes that make the cost of doing business in Canada higher than in the US. One example is gasoline tax. At some point in the lfe of every iPad, it will be on a truck to the Apple Store, Best Buy or wherever. Gas tax is much higher in Canada than the US, and someone along the supply chain has to pay for the extra cost of shipping, which is reflected in the final price on the shelf.

  • MexiCanuck

    Costs of operating may be different, but not necessarily higher in Canada. Americans pay tremendously more than Canadians for health care and health insurance. These costs are borne by companies such as Apple and shipping companies. Gasoline is lower in the US, but that is offset by vehicle licensing costs that are much higher in most states than in most provinces.

    I think that Apple, Sony, Toyota, et al price higher in Canada because they don’t know what the currency exchange rate will be through a business year and would rather make price too high than price “too low”.

    BTW, it’s parity, not parody.

  • Anonymous

    First of all, thank you for correcting my use of “parody”, as opposed to “parity”, and not being a jerk about such an embarrassingly comical error.

    As for differences in operating costs between Canada and the USA, I think you’re right that there is a certain amount of currency speculation built into the shelf-price of products, but I think that is appropriate. The US dollar has been volatile for the past several years, and it is not good business to have a product, like the iPad, taking wild price jumps up and down with the dollar. Consumers expect the price of electronics to go down or remain flat, not to rise, so companies have to be both strategic and competitive with their initial pricing.

    I also don’t dispute that there are many factors other than taxes that play a role in pricing, but you can’t discount taxes either. Canadian and US markets are distinct environments with different economies of scale, wages, labour laws, inflation, interest rates, banking etc, etc. All of these contribute to discrepancies such as Camaro costing $4,000 – $5,000 more to purchase in Oshawa, where it was assembled, than anywhere in US. On the other hand, imported PlayStation 3 consoles sell for the same $299 price on both sides of the border.

    I don’t want to split hairs with you, because I’m not an economist and actually not very interested in economic debates. My original point was merely meant to convey that value of Canada’s dollar versus the US dollar isn’t the only factor in pricing. In the case of iPad 2, I think the same $50 difference as last year is quite reasonable and I’ll be grateful if it isn’t more.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone remember what yorkdale mall apple store was like on ipad launch day? Curious to know when the mall opened its doors. Did ppl camp out?

  • Alanm294

    Then move.

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  • Phphreak

    The difference is, the Americans get a higher quality of care than Canadians. We get what we pay for: rationing. If you want the best surgeons in the world, you go to the US. That being said, on another note, I don’t see why the prices shouldn’t be relatively the same here for the iPad 2.

  • Phphreak

    If the pricing differences between the US and Canada are $50, there is a small $10 savings by going across the Border to get it. Big deal.

  • Seekingworldlywisdom

    It’s all because Canada public employee union, they are strong – they get pay raise no matter what, they have benefits for life, they get prescriptions drugs for free, they have pension for life. All these are pay by taxes that’s y we have high super high income tax, import duty tax, liquor tax, cigarettes tax, ever increasing number of casinos, easy immigration for rich people, stupid puppet politicians support by unions. Oh fking Canada public employee union. Try not pay their ransom? Look at what happen in Toronto in 2009 Summer, they make the park a public dumpster and the city give in, they get pay raises and whatever their want.

  • Matthew

    Just wanted to inform you that not all public employees, even unionised, are in such a position. Being in a union is often battle after battle and you’re not really being looked out for you like you might imagine.

    There are these things called bargaining units, which are sub-collectives of [hopefully like-skilled, or similar in function] employees. However this is not even the case. You have a mishmash of skill sets, experience and job function and are forced to make it all work together- and it’s not just the evil word “union” anymore, many “assocition of professionals” now exist which are essentially unions, but you won’t see the public opinion sway on the “association” (union). So you end up with a high school vs. post secondary + experience req’d in the same BU.

    Lets not all paint everything with the same brush, because we’re NOT all selfless souls who want to work for free (or was that evil bastards who will cut the souls of my non-warlock competitors in the name of the almighty dollar)? You can’t win for losing. With 65 dollar a month INTERNET fees, 80 dollar smart phone plans, HST on electricity- one kind of needs to maintain a job to pay for stuff.

    There are families and young workers who are parts of these unions who also don’t share the same benefits as their older equals because our “brothers and sisters” didn’t feel it necessary to stand up and fight FOR THE RIGHTS OF FUTURE MEMBERS, or were given away at the sway of public opinion.

    There is a world outside of Toronto, too, Toronto. And anyone who complains about YOUR SMELLY GARBAGE, Toronto, should look down the 401 to where you ship it and STINK IT UP GOOD. Imagine your worst mid-strike Christie Pitts, but 24/7, every time you drive from London westbound on the 401. Thanks! That dump smells like your major league franchises play.

    You argument sounds a little childish, as if you’re saying “they shouldn’t have these respectable benefits because I don’t”. Not all “government” employees earn over 100k a year, and chances are that the ones you will eventually interface with are the ones who don’t. You can wind up with hostile environments. (Here’s a Toronto reference to help: TTC drivers, ticket takers, coin changers, are they all robots yet?)

    I just hope you the best in your future endeavor in finding employment that fits your lifestyle and economic desires.

  • Matthew

    Oh yeah. And I’m using my TAX RETURN to pay for my 32GB Black 3G iPad 2 😉 The HDMI mirroring mode will be fun, I hope it can output landscape for rotating TVs/monitors!

    Hells yes!

  • Matty Bo Batty

    Then move? Seriously? That’s a pretty strong argument. I mean him expecting our dollar, which is worth more (has a higher value in currency) than the lower priced market, to at least be honoured at parity? He should definitely relocate homes to rectify the situation.

    Makes for a good day trip to America though! Get our your passport and save some money and have a good lunch doing it. Also you get to be greeted by those friend border agents! Anything to declare? Yes, you’re a giant troll, Alan.

  • Matt

    I’d be happy with less. Just sayin’.

  • AmIReallyHip

    I’d bet on a much lower markup for us in Canada. Yes, more than the US… but maybe $20 or so.
    Before iPad 2 was announced, they adjusted the iPad pricing and I believe it was $19 difference on the 46GB Wi-Fi model, if I remember correctly.
    Macbook in US starts at 1199… in Canada 1249. Only $50 more.

  • AmIReallyHip

    Grrr… obviously I meant 64GB Wi-Fi

  • Ballz

    Ok you are retardedly stupid. At the time the pad was put out, the ratio of price was 1 to 1.10…. And our dollar has consistently shown an average value over the past 4 years with an average of 1 to 1.10. The fact that temporarily our dollar is worth more does not mean anything, just like it didn’t mean anything when it was at $1.10 american in winter of 2007. You are retarded if you think prices are high because of a union. The dollar is 1 to 1.10 ratio and so is the ipad, even though we have higher import taxes which apple bares the price of… The cost of doing business in a civilized country, if you want to do business in the wild west, all good and “free-like” then go to Africa, it’s totally free there. Not even africans want to live in THAT dump. Simplest reason usually the correct one.

  • AmIReallyHip

    There it is on Apple.ca…. Starting at $519.

  • hedger

    Companies hedge their sales in foreign currencies at least one year in advance. This is done to remove currency exchange risk from their business plans. Apples pricing is appropriate given the historical exchange rate of the Canadian dollar against the US dollar.

  • Ctalmidge

    well it’s announced, the strong CAD is finally having a meaningful impact, the price is down to $519 now.

  • Anonymous

    To Alanm294:

    Your rebuttal is stupid and ignorant to say the least. Can’t come up with something more intelligent, can you?

  • Anonymous

    I’ll pay. You find me the lawyer that can get it done.

  • Wlf323

    Sure, you get the best surgeons in the world, if you can afford them. If you can’t afford it, you die.