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iPad 2 Sales to Start on March 11th at Midnight in US? Canada Too?

by on March 7th, 2011

Last year Americans were able to pre-order the iPad, and so were Canadians too. With iPad 2 arriving this Friday at 5pm in the US, and in Canada on March 25th, will we see the option to pre-order? The latest report from MacAppsDaily says sales will start for the US on March 11th just after midnight at 12:01am PST, via an online chat with an Apple rep.

Will Canada Get to Pre-Order iPad 2?

Last year, Canada was able to pre-order the iPad on May 10th, with a release on May 29th. Orders delayed by FedEx received $100 credit from Apple. Second round orders were pushed back to June. Will we see pre-orders again this year in Canada? Maybe, but there’s a good chance we won’t with the arrival date just around the corner.

Either Apple will allow pre-orders to be shipped or in-store pick up, or we won’t see any option at all. Last year’s pre-order helped build immense hype and publicity for Apple. For iPad 2, will Apple rely on store stocks and make people go hunting for an iPad in their city?

We’ll be sure to report back any findings we have closer to the March 25th launch date.

What are your plans for iPad 2? Wait in line? Drive to the US this Friday? We did confirm iPad 3G units will be unlocked in the US and Canada.

[MacAppsDaily via 9to5Mac]

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  • John H

    That chat log says nothing about pre-ordering.

  • RYU

    lets hope is not going to be like the iPhone 4 launch back in august

  • Anonymous

    I’m in Surrey, so I’m dangerously close to the US border.

    But I’m torn.

    I have an iPad but really want to upgrade for many reasons. First, 16 gb is way, way too small. And my kids will love things like the Photobooth functionality.

    That said, do I go down to the states, pay the tax there PLUS possibly paying the HST on my way back up? With buying the full meal deal, I can’t imagine them waiving me through. It’s not like I’m getting kids clothes and groceries.

    As well, I’m not mobile to get down there by myself, and what if I’m not able to get it? And border lineups? Etc. Etc. I’m also waiting for my tax refund to come through, so I’ll probably just wait to the 25th and do it here, even having to pay the extra $50…

    Sigh. If I could just go down for a week, life would be good! But I sure won’t be able to go down on the 11th, and the risk of not being ABLE to find one scares me a bit too much.

    I don’t remember there being a huge draw for the 64gb model last year, that was the only one available in June when I went to go pick up my 16gb in the US in June (JUNE! Ugh, now I’m getting all anxious, 2 months after it was still hard to find..)

    Oh the choices. I’d like to know what Walmart availability will be, I might just have to go camp out at the walmart near my house to get it. Maybe that would be easiest…

  • Clivebaxter

    Can I not just buy an iPad in US on the 11th in Buffalo bring it home and drop my current Bell Sim I have from iPad One in? Will this function? Better still road trip iPad weekend to US?

  • Yes, but make sure you buy the AT&T 3G version.