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[Live Updates] iPad 2 Line Ups Have Started in Canada

by on March 24th, 2011

Here’s a nice video of the Pacific Centre launch, via @stefanz:

3:32pm PDT: Pacific Centre in Vancouver via @ibeatmaker, and Best Buy Coquitlam via @legacyb4 underneath:

3:13pm PDT: Thanks to Adam for emailing us this excellent video of the line up at the Sherway Gardens Apple Store:

2:49pm PDT: The insanity at Toronto Eaton Centre thanks to iPad 2, via @mcyv

1:49pm PDT: Great video from Yorkdale mall in Toronto, around 4pm EST, thanks to wongnog:

1:42pm PDT: The Future Shop line up in Brantford, thanks to @camhunt:

@alexflint had no trouble waiting at Best Buy! Here’s his ticket:

Here’s a video of Southgate in Edmonton, thanks to @BoddaAmmar, 1PM Mountain time:

12:30pm PDT: Apple employees unboxing iPad 2s in Ottawa via @dan_lamo:

7 more minutes to the NL launch at Future Shop via @zippos:

via @iPhoneArena: this is dedication–lining up with a broken leg.

Thanks to Nick for this video. Here’s the Eaton Centre line up from 9:30am:

11:48AM PDT: via @dan_lamo cards are now out in Ottawa!

11:14AM PDT: 100+ people at Southgate in Edmonton via @KMPhotographer, plus media interviews:

9:28am PDT: @Aljasser and company are lining up at Best Buy in Halifax and will be the first to get the iPad 2 in Canada:

9:05am PDT: @Maxwell250 says 100+ people in line at Pacific Centre in Vancouver

Update 5: Hey there. I am here at Rideau now at 1:50 am. Doors were open to get in mall. I am sitting by myself in front of the Apple Store. Number 1 in line. I am the guy with the DHL jacket. I hope security let’s me stay here [Zman via http://disq.us/1i1euc]

Update 4: @LaurentLogan says the line up in Toronto moved outside in an orderly fashion, to sit in -21C weather (10:50pm). [Hang in there guys!]

@totochow updates again. There’s about 40 people at Richmond Centre. (10:48pm PDT)

Thanks to Mark for the email. Here’s an updated image of the line up at Richmond Centre:

Update 3: At 6:30 PDT, one person started to line up outside Richmond Centre in BC. Thanks @totochow!

@Maxwell250 notes Richmond Centre closed from 3-5pm to prepare for iPad 2’s launch:

The drapes have come up at the Apple Store inside Eaton Centre, via @laurentlogan; there are about 28-30 people in line:

Here’s another image of Eaton’s Centre in Toronto, thanks to @StacksTM:


Update 2: @LaurentLogan: The Eaton Centre Apple Store is allowing people to charge their gear in the store, up until closing (9:30pm). About 25 people in line so far!

Update 1: @LaurentLogan is in the Eaton Centre line up, #5 out of 7 people. He says the line will be moved outside from 2AM-5AM, then back into the mall.

The iPad 2 launch starts tomorrow in Canada, with a 5pm retail launch and a 1am PDT online launch. How badly do you want an iPad 2? If you’re serious about nabbing one, despite all the talk of shortages, you better start getting in line–NOW. Apple’s online store already has a display page up for orders.

At the Apple Store in Eaton’s Centre in Toronto, the line up has already started. The following image shows the first people in line, courtesy of @shizzy184 (image taken by @aMAYzin):

Nice work fellas! I started my line up for the iPhone 4 at around 6:30pm the night before, but these guys have put me to shame. If you’re in line, please send us a line via twitter @iPadinCanada and we’ll post your pictures up here.

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  • Bob


  • Fy1990216

    Thats so crazy…

  • Anonymous

    Doesnt the mall close at night?! Are they going to be kicked out?

  • Dedication for sure. The early bird gets the worm, right? Kudos to these guys!

  • bosoxfanx

    same question…. what’s gonna happen when mall doors close!?!?

  • Sandy

    This is so irritating. I’ve been waiting months to get an iPad2, and I’m going to be out S.O.L. tomorrow because I have a life and am unable to camp outside a store for 24 hours. I bet these arseholes have iPad2s listed on eBay for $1500 by this time tomorrow.

  • Bigsmokejoey

    This is the Eaton’s Centre, it never closes. It’s one of Toronto’s downtown hubs (subway, busses, etc). They don’t even close on stat holidays….I think they will be ok overnight.

  • Spot1&spot2

    Actually spot 1 and spot 2 are buying for their own personal use

  • bosoxfanx

    Hi Everyone!

    I just got off the phone with security personelle at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto. They will NOT allow people to be inside mall after hours (of course), and that those in lineups will be given a numbered ticket for positions in a line once we get in. He said something about opening the entrances at 6:30-7:00am.

    Lemme know if you guys heard otherwise!

  • bosoxfanx

    Hi guys again!

    Now I just got off the phone with security at Eatons Center. The person said that they are closing the mall at 2am, and that EVERYone MUST leave. They will reopen at 5am.

    So my suggestions to you guys, if you are super early, lineup at the entrances instead of in front of the apple store. Those inside will get kicked out….

  • Post was just updated. Line will be moved outside from 2am-5am, then back into the mall. Probably to make way for janitor staff.

  • There’s always ordering online tonight.

  • RYU

    OMG this is just as crazy as the iphone 4 launch they have too much time. I can’t even line up for it because I have work!!

  • Please keep us updated guys! 🙂

  • Matt

    which entrance should people line up? the one on Queen Street??

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  • bosoxfanx

    Kind reminder to my fellow ipadincanada readers, theweathernetwork.com forecast for greater Toronto area is -11 degrees with wind chill making it feeling like -20. If you are going to be out there like me, I would suggest to try to wait in car as long as possible before mall opens at around 5-7am depending on the mall

  • Anonymous

    I called 1800MYAPPLE and they said it starts 1AM Eastern not PST.
    Correct that.

  • Zachary

    Just heard that when the Australian site went up online for pre-orders the wait time is 2-3 WEEKS! Unlike the US STore there was no, 1-3 DAYS! I think I might have to wait in line 😐

  • Dead

    why post if you don”t know what you are talking about? yes the mall closes and reopns at 5

  • jon

    They also said no chairs allowed, and you must stand the whole time. No sitting on the ground either! Why are they so tough!

  • Gunfus

    Crappers!! Very disappointing… What todo now? I can’t really line up

  • bosoxfanx

    I was told same!!!

    but gonna be freezing cold out anyways, so I am gonna go at like 8am when it’s open.. still gonna be early enough to get one

  • bosoxfanx

    I was told same!!!

    but gonna be freezing cold out anyways, so I am gonna go at like 8am when it’s open.. still gonna be early enough to get one

  • Zachary

    that’s what I’m trying to figure out. I’m in uni and have end of semester projects due.. fml

  • Zachary

    r u sure, their website says 1 AM PST

  • Zachary

    r u sure, their website says 1 AM PST

  • Zachary

    r u sure, their website says 1 AM PST

  • Gunfus

    I have to work.. 🙁 and is my daughter birthday tomorrow.. I have to at least be awake..!

  • Alainamkerr

    I’m planning to wait in line all night for someone who wants the Ipad 2 but cannot wait themselves. If anyone is interested post your email and what you would offer for this service. Thanks

  • Alainamkerr

    I’m planning to wait in line all night for someone who wants the Ipad 2 but cannot wait themselves. If anyone is interested post your email and what you would offer for this service. Thanks

  • Dave

    I picked mine up at Target last week in Orlando. No lineup at all. The apple stores had lines every day. I got lucky.

  • Anonymous

    I would go with the website over what someone on the phone said.

    1am Pacific… 4am Eastern

  • Anonymous

    Then that’s where online comes in handy. Waiting a few weeks won’t kill you. At least you get to keep your job and get the iPad 2

  • RL

    i think the real loser is the guy who goes on these forums and make fun of people who have a passion for something. loser.

  • JfL

    Lineup at north london best buy already, 2 people in a tent!!

  • Homerjunior

    I’m first in line at a Future Shop in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

    No one else here except my friend who is waiting as well. It’s -19 this evening, we will e waiting in the car right by the door. We have a tent set up close just in case.

    It’s a small city (100 000) so we get very little stock. There is no Apple store or other places here that sell iPads. Wal-Mart does but I’d rather go to FS.

    Good luck to everyone else out there tonight!

  • Zachary

    i’ll give you $20.00 to get my an iPad 16 GB Black 😛

  • oh we know. We wrote down the order of people who are in line on a piece of paper. We’ve all gotten pretty friendly so the transitions shouldnt be a problem 🙂

  • Anonymous

    my bad i guess the rep was an idiot 😉
    where on the website does it say that?

  • Phphreak

    I’m sure it would be better if they spent their money and time on stuff they didn’t enjoy?

  • Spot1

    It’s me. Spot 1 @ the eaton centre. Alls quiet now. Maybe 30 plus people… We are well organized…

  • Joeblow

    Simply Computing on Broadway in Vancouver has a bunch. As does future shop next door.

  • Houston

    I’m in line at the eaton’s center!
    if anyone needs a charge there is one outlet by the washrooms (fyi)
    also if anyones looking to meet up I ll be at the golden griddle for the 4 hours at night =S

  • still_debating

    guys guys guys… you’re both right… it’s 1 am LOCAL TIME. that’s T-minus 1 hour and 2 minutes for us in EST.

  • Kobe

    Hey any word on anyone lining up at Oakridge mall in Vancouver yet?

  • Josh H

    any news on fairview mall (toronto)?

  • Samuraishadowghost

    No…no its 1am Local Time….i.e. 3 + T -2 in EST

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  • People in line at a Future Shop in vancouver already? Wow

  • Nice! You guys are going to be rocking it when 5pm comes around…soon! 🙂

  • Good luck man. I am in Tbay too. Looking at Apple Canada website but it hasn’t updated yet.

  • Cshupe2

    Really a line up already sad…

  • VCapplefan

    Hey Richmond alrdy has a line? wow!
    Maybe oakridge doesnt lets only hope. R u guys still goin at 6

  • Kobe

    Hey its crazy that Richmond already has a line I hope Oakridge dsnt have a line. Yes we are still meeting at 6am. I will be up all night checking the updates to see if there is any line at Oakridge. Are you coming at 6am?

  • Dan

    Just scouted out Oakridge Mall. Lineup of 20+ peeps formed outside door near Murchies Tea entrance!

  • Adrian_95

    going at 1pm to pacific centre

  • VCapplefan

    Yeah i think so. Im going to order online and then goto bed. Ill check with u wen i wake up! Im goin to stop by richmond first! Hopefully there is no line right now at oakridge too!!! This is Crazy!!!!
    Ill be online all nite too!
    Hey when u leave tom morning let me know the color of your jacket and I hope I see u guys soon! Laters

  • Hornet

    I’ll give you my condolences :-). Get a real job lol

  • Kobe

    Have people already started lining up at Oakridge Mall in Vancouver????

  • Sandy

    Sandy here –

    I actually saw you guys on the news after I posted this. My apologies, it’s good to hear you’re there for your own enjoyment rather than an eBay business. More power to you guys I guess, I wish I had the option of camping out.

    I’m still on edge about tomorrow though : /

  • Tvshogal

    its 0400ET March 25 in Toronto and the online store is NOT open. The page is up but you can’t order Ipad2 yet. Whats up with that? Where did you get this “1am PDT online launch” info from?

  • Jeff

    Online ordering just went up and wait time is 2-3 weeks already!!!!

  • Jeff

    Came up around 4:08 I think

  • Jeff

    Came up around 4:08 I think

  • Jeff

    Came up around 4:08 I think

  • Jeff

    Came up around 4:08 I think

  • Yes, about 20 or more

  • Tvshogal

    Never mind! JUST BOUGHT MY iPad2 ONLINE. Should be here in 2-3 weeks. At least I don’t have to stand outside in -21 COLD!

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  • 1234

    Fairview mall has about 40 people lining up now. We got inside the mall. A list has been made for the 30 people and I am on it at #20

  • Anonymous

    Going to Yorkdale mall in Toronto this morning, anyone there now? Will post my updates when I get there!

  • Importantjunk

    About 75 people in line at the newmarket apple store as of 7am

  • Brian L

    @ Southgate mall Edmonton. 6:15 am and there are about 20 people in line

  • bosoxfanx

    there are 50 ppl in front of me here at upper Canada mall. one of the girl that works there unofficially said that all of us would be able to get one. The line is getting linfer and there are about 20 behind me. (8:30am)

  • Anonymous

    Got here at 8:30, only 35 ppl ahead of me. We’re the only ones with black folding camping chairs right now with a folding stool to hold our iPad for movies :):)

  • Anonymous

    Yorkdale mall security just said when the mall opens at 10am, no chairs, no sitting on the floor, have to stand all day. WTF!

  • Jonouimet

    Any news on Fairview Montreal, laval and ste-caherines?

  • Cpt. Fabuloso

    About 30 ppl here at WEM. 9:15am

  • Bosoxfanx

    wdf! I was gonna go there but chose upper canada instead… I was there at 6:30am and there are more than 50 in front of me… who knew yorkdale has less ppl

  • Marco

    Some people are just sad people, I don’t understand why they are so bitter!!!

    Have fun people!!! The iPad is a toy and this is FUN!!!!! lineup whith a bunch of people that share your interest is FUN!!!!

    I can’t make the line myself now… But I did it for the iPhone 3GS, and again… It was FUN!!!!!!!

    I’m in Trois-Rivieres Quebec and I’m going to my future shop right after work, I hope I can get lucky and buy my iPad 2…

    PS message sent from my “old” iPad 1… 😉

  • Jon ouimet

    Update for Fairview Pte-Claire, about 60-70 people in line. Arrived at noon so not bad at all.

  • Sandy

    Sandy again. Got to the Cambridge Future Shop at 12:45 and am 4th in line. There’s hope, folks!

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  • Anonymous

    holy moley. I’m SO glad I went down to the states to get the iPad. Don’t get me wrong, I like to support the Canadian market, but as I’m also American I kind of feel that I owe something to the failing US market, even though I’m closing in living as long in Canada as I did in the states. 14 years!

    ANYWAY – Seeing the lineups at Pac ctr and Richmond (I wonder what Oakridge is like), I would have never been able to get one or get to it had I not gone down with some now awesome stranger I met on THIS blog.

    I wish everyone, EVERYONE, here the best luck getting their iPads.

    Be aware of the backlight bleed issue, but love it. It’s worth it, even if you have to turn your backlight down a bit and power through until they fix the problem 🙂

  • Lestercore

    There’s only 5 of us in line at future shop in Chilliwack at 12:18 pm it’s a little chilly

  • Srankin

    I ordered my ipad on line this morning… plus the Roger SIM card. Just got a shipment notice from Apple for the SIM card… it’s 2 weeks earlier than they originally stated. Hoping that is a good sign for early shipment of the actual ipad.

  • Hankist

    In line at the richmond centre in bc. Several hundred are waiting. They moved most of the line inside.

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  • Gunfus

    Crappers.. I got to bestbuy markville at 4:23 and the lineup is long..

  • Anonymous

    Video from Yorkdale mall in Toronto at 4pm EST http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rc1ruP5XTVM

  • ivan

    excited for people who lined up! please post/reply when you get yours!

  • Lestercore

    Only 6 lined up at future shop in Chilliwack still at 2:17pm

  • Cashinstinct

    Centre ville montreal apple

    Line up at thursday’s on crescent, couple hundreds people.

    They still give tickets for models

    Store closes at 9

    They are unsure if they can pass everyone before close.

  • Cashinstinct

    Apple centre ville montreal as of 6 pm does not give tickets anymore for tonight

    They still had tickets but do not want to give too many and go after 9pm

  • Gunfus

    I got out they ran out of 3G , they said they only got like 30

  • Hankist

    Anyone from east have a status on how many iPads the store has.

  • Lestercore

    13 people now lined up in Chilliwack we are in the home stretch!!! I’m 2nd in line

  • INeverGetThingsFirstDay

    Does anyone know how many units are at Eaton Centre Apple Store?

  • Bb

    Lucky there are a hundred more of us outside. Staff says no problem. Tickets to all soon.

    Freezing out here in 9 degrees and we have a great hockey team. Best place in Canada!

    Leafs suck!

  • Srankin

    Future Shop in Burlington (Guelph Line) had 150 ipads. No line-ups. I walked in at 4:55 pm and picked one up. As of 5:30 pm when I left, they had no one in line and about 50 left. If you are in Burlington, I’d give them a try. Very organized at the store.

  • Mohammed

    I got 4 iPads with my brothers at our local best buy (Ajax, ON)
    We started the lineup at about 4Pm so we didn’t really wait too long
    They gave us tickets so we guaranteed the model we wants
    We left the store at around 6
    It was nice experience.

  • Jayo6969

    did they have many left???

  • Spuddie

    Picked up a 32gb wifi at london drugs in Ladner (BC) All they received was five 32bg wifi’s and 5 smart covers . They had a sign up sheet for a new shipment they said was arriving on Tues Morning but they weren’t sure what it would be. Thanks Gary for the heads up on the line up at Richmond Center last night. Hope you got one

  • Cheers! Got my iPad 2 during the US launch.

  • Bros88888

    Anyone have any stock info for in and around Montreal for this weekend? Thanks guys!

  • VCapplefan

    Hey Guys just got my hands on a 64GB 3G BLK model!!!!!!!!!! yeah !!!!!!! Just want to say thx to all the folks in line at the Richmond Apple store in BC. Today was a fun Experience! Hope u guys all get one and Thx to the Apple staff they were Amazing!!!!!!!!!! Good luck and cheers!!!

  • Johnny

    I walked into BestBuy at almost 7pm to see if there were any left after work, managed to pick one of the last ones up still. No line up for me 😀

  • andy85

    finally got back from Richmond Center in Canada, got there at 7am was about 147 in line, everyone was so hyped up this launch was great well planned out, they have people taking the unlit the day, by 3 they begin passing out tickets so people with tickets are grantee one and when. The tickets were out they let people know and they can choose to leave to stay in line for a chance.
    I wanted the White 32gb 3G but when it came close to me I was told it was gone. All white 3G was out only wifi and 16gb black is gone too, so I was going to settle with black, but luckily when they came to me they told me there’s a few 64gb left so I took 2 one for myself and one for my sister who paid for me :D, overall my 12 hours there was worth it, made some really nice new friends there too., my fellow apple freak lol..wonder if any of them read this? hit me up guys, let me know how ur liking ur new toy!
    Glad to be home in Bellingham, WA to play with it

  • MGS

    Hey andy85 whats up? Hows ur IPad treating u? I was with u today in line! I was wearing the white Hoodie! with the shoulder Bag! Hows the new toy treating u! Today was super awesome Im so glad u and I and the rest of our little apple group got IPads! What a wonderful day! I just got back from dinner and a nite out with some friends! Im just syncing my Ipad now….. I can say Im impressed so far!!!! IM going to be playing with this thing all nite hahaha! Glad u had a safe drive back to bellingham! Good luck to u and maybe we will see u again for the next Launch!!!!!! have a good one cheers

  • asdmd

    Eaton centre Toronto, 1 hour line up, almost everything avail. except the 16 GB wifi!

  • andy85

    hey, i was so tired last night, so i didnt get to much with my new toy becuase i have to set it up, skipped out on school again today to stay home and play with it, just got of the phone with AT&T and they helped me transfers my unlimited data plan from the old one over to this new one, so im syncing and setting it up now, excited to play with it in a bit. In the mean time im on ebay looking to for accessories to dress up my little new white baby 😀
    ya im so glad our little group were able to get what we came out for, it was worth out long 12 hours wait wasnt it.
    glad your enjoying ur new toy. hope it’ll be a super handy to you. just dont drop it 😀 lol. soon it’ll replace your laptop. have a good one enjoy ur new toy, we’ll see each other again hopefully.
    i gotta go take all my deposit back 😀

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