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[Live Updates] iPad 2 Line Ups Have Started in Canada

by on March 24th, 2011

Here’s a nice video of the Pacific Centre launch, via @stefanz:

3:32pm PDT: Pacific Centre in Vancouver via @ibeatmaker, and Best Buy Coquitlam via @legacyb4 underneath:

3:13pm PDT: Thanks to Adam for emailing us this excellent video of the line up at the Sherway Gardens Apple Store:

2:49pm PDT: The insanity at Toronto Eaton Centre thanks to iPad 2, via @mcyv

1:49pm PDT: Great video from Yorkdale mall in Toronto, around 4pm EST, thanks to wongnog:

1:42pm PDT: The Future Shop line up in Brantford, thanks to @camhunt:

@alexflint had no trouble waiting at Best Buy! Here’s his ticket:

Here’s a video of Southgate in Edmonton, thanks to @BoddaAmmar, 1PM Mountain time:

12:30pm PDT: Apple employees unboxing iPad 2s in Ottawa via @dan_lamo:

7 more minutes to the NL launch at Future Shop via @zippos:

via @iPhoneArena: this is dedication–lining up with a broken leg.

Thanks to Nick for this video. Here’s the Eaton Centre line up from 9:30am:

11:48AM PDT: via @dan_lamo cards are now out in Ottawa!

11:14AM PDT: 100+ people at Southgate in Edmonton via @KMPhotographer, plus media interviews:

9:28am PDT: @Aljasser and company are lining up at Best Buy in Halifax and will be the first to get the iPad 2 in Canada:

9:05am PDT: @Maxwell250 says 100+ people in line at Pacific Centre in Vancouver

Update 5: Hey there. I am here at Rideau now at 1:50 am. Doors were open to get in mall. I am sitting by myself in front of the Apple Store. Number 1 in line. I am the guy with the DHL jacket. I hope security let’s me stay here [Zman via http://disq.us/1i1euc]

Update 4: @LaurentLogan says the line up in Toronto moved outside in an orderly fashion, to sit in -21C weather (10:50pm). [Hang in there guys!]

@totochow updates again. There’s about 40 people at Richmond Centre. (10:48pm PDT)

Thanks to Mark for the email. Here’s an updated image of the line up at Richmond Centre:

Update 3: At 6:30 PDT, one person started to line up outside Richmond Centre in BC. Thanks @totochow!

@Maxwell250 notes Richmond Centre closed from 3-5pm to prepare for iPad 2’s launch:

The drapes have come up at the Apple Store inside Eaton Centre, via @laurentlogan; there are about 28-30 people in line:

Here’s another image of Eaton’s Centre in Toronto, thanks to @StacksTM:


Update 2: @LaurentLogan: The Eaton Centre Apple Store is allowing people to charge their gear in the store, up until closing (9:30pm). About 25 people in line so far!

Update 1: @LaurentLogan is in the Eaton Centre line up, #5 out of 7 people. He says the line will be moved outside from 2AM-5AM, then back into the mall.

The iPad 2 launch starts tomorrow in Canada, with a 5pm retail launch and a 1am PDT online launch. How badly do you want an iPad 2? If you’re serious about nabbing one, despite all the talk of shortages, you better start getting in line–NOW. Apple’s online store already has a display page up for orders.

At the Apple Store in Eaton’s Centre in Toronto, the line up has already started. The following image shows the first people in line, courtesy of @shizzy184 (image taken by @aMAYzin):

Nice work fellas! I started my line up for the iPhone 4 at around 6:30pm the night before, but these guys have put me to shame. If you’re in line, please send us a line via twitter @iPadinCanada and we’ll post your pictures up here.

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