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iPad 2 Coming To Canada March 25

by on March 2nd, 2011

This morning at Apple’s iPad media event, the company announced the highly anticipated iPad 2.

A5 Chip

The iPad 2 has been completely redesigned over the first-generation device, featuring many new internal and external features. Internally, the iPad 2 has been updated to Apple’s new A5 Dual-Core CPU, which is a big upgrade over the A4.

Apple indicates that the chip is 2x faster with 9x faster graphics. The chip also preserves the same low power for battery life (10 hours) as the A4.

Cameras & FaceTime

The iPad 2, as rumored, also features two cameras, one front facing and one back facing that are FaceTime enabled. This now enables the iPad to FaceTime between Mac, iPad, iPod touch and iPhone.


The device further includes a gyroscope (like in the iPhone 4), is 33% thinner, and is 1.3 pounds, the latter which is lighter than the first-generation iPad at 1.5 pounds. The iPad 2 also comes in two front bezel colors, black and white.

Prices & Storage

During the Apple keynote, it was indicated that Apple has 3G models for both AT&T and Verizon, however in Canada, we will likely only see the AT&T, or GSM, 3G models like we do today.

As for prices, Apple has maintained the price points and storage capacities:

  • 16GB WiFi: $549
  • 32GB WiFi: $649
  • 64GB WiFi: $749
  • 16GB WiFi + 3G: $679
  • 32GB WiFi + 3G: $779
  • 64GB WiFi + 3G: $879

For availability, the iPad 2 will be released in the USA on March 11. For Canada, and other counties such as Australia, France, UK, Japan, and Germany, the iPad 2 will be released on March 25.

HDMI Cable

Alongside the iPad 2 reveal, Apple also introduced a new HDMI video out cable for iPad. The new cable enables users to output 1080p from their iPad while also allowing the iPad to be charged.

Smart Covers

And of course, a new product demo would not be complete without a new cover! Apple also revealed a new cover for the iPad 2, called Smart Covers, which is a flap that covers the front of the device.

The cover automatically wakes the iPad when you open it, and puts it to sleep when it closes it. The cover is further held down by magnets and includes a microfiber cloth that cleans the screen.

The Smart Covers are available in polyurethane or leather, with five colors of each.

iMovie & GarageBand

As part of the iOS 4.3 firmware, due March 11, Apple announced iMovie for iPad and GarageBand for iPad. Both are available on March 11 for $4.99 each.

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  • Aloombox

    Great but what happened to the new gestures in iOS4.3???? I was really looking forward to them and not having to use the home button. Shit! iPad 2 looks okay, not overly impressed.

  • Wuju007

    No Retina display. 🙁
    That would sell me over.

  • Agreed, incremental improvements. Then again, why fix something that isn’t broken =P

  • steve81

    Looks like the Canadian Apple Store site is selling iPad 1 for 130 $ less now.

  • steve81

    They have not published any iPad 2 prices on the Apple Canadian site, are you assuming they will keep the same Canadian prices because they’re keeping the same US prices? I’m crossing my fingers for a reduced price in Canada until this is officially announced. It might be time for Apple to reduce the price difference on the iPad… An extra $50 is what they are charging for their MacBooks, doesn’t make sense to charge that much for a $500 product. A $25 difference would be more reasonable… ideally it should be the same price.

  • steve81

    That rumour came from DigiTimes. They were wrong… again!

  • Bob

    With the CDN$ trading above par, I would hope that they sell for LESS than the US price!! Hahaha

  • Dharma

    Is that a typo? 16GB WiFi: $549; 32GB WiFi: $519???
    That’s what it is showing on my comp right now anyway…

  • Anonymous

    I’m dissapointed that there is no 128 g storrage option.

  • Dharma

    Never mind. It’s now $419 for the base model…

  • Ex

    Seems the online store is a little wonky

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  • Anonymous

    That would cut into MacBook sales

  • steve81

    I searched for the iPad 1 on the US store, it’s now $399 for the base model… which means an extra $20 in Canada. Could this mean that the price will be $519 for the iPad 2 base model in Canada?

  • steve81

    The price difference is now 20$ for the iPad 1! Let’s hope they do the same for iPad 2!

  • Yes. Check the main page of the blog for an updated story.

  • Is it me or there is something wrong on apple website?

    On the following website, it says that you have to chose your iPad for a specific carrier : http://www.apple.com/ca/ipad/3g/
    To me it means that the iPad will be locked…. Am I wrong?

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know what the launch date was like for the current iPad at the apple store in yorkdale mall? How early did they open the mall doors? Do people have to camp out to get one or just get to the mall early?

  • Anonymous

    I know the Eaton Centre lineup only had about 150 people and that you could still buy iPads by the end of the day without waiting in line, I heard from a friend that Yorkdale was a similar situation. I imagine that this launch will be similar, maybe a few more people will show up this time, I’d say you’re probably safe getting to the mall by 5:30-6:00 if the store does an early open at 8:00, the line moved pretty quickly last time too.

  • Wellwood4653

    Well sounds great, I already have Iphone4, so now would be a good time to have an Ipad