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iPad 2 Camera In Action!…wait, what?!

by on April 24th, 2011

It was pretty universally accepted that a back-facing iPad 2 camera was rather impractical in actual use. I mean, holding the tablet to take a photo is pretty uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable orientation aside, the camera quality is also horrible for standard photos and most video recording. Overall, we don’t expect the iPad 2 to be used as a mainstream camera. Well, that may have temporarily changed!

Reviewing the photo below we see three unusual things:

1.) An iPad 2 camera in use.

2.) An iPad 2 camera being used to take a video or photo of the US President!

3.) Spike Lee is the iPad 2 photographer.

Have you been using your iPad 2 camera? I think I’ve taken one photo with mine since March!


[via Gizmodo]

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  • Anonymous

    Never used it… Maybe when i first got it to play with photo booth… Camera sucks

  • You’d think that Spike would be recording in landscape mode. That isn’t going to look so good on his HDTV.

  • Anonymous

    Camera looks just fine with video recording, and the quality is as good as the iPod touch and almost as good as the iPhone.

    So, given, it’s awkward to use, but the quality for video is ANYTHING but horrible.

    Picture, terrible. Video, not.

  • That’s not a very good handshake.

  • Anonymous

    It’s horrible compared to the iPhone 4 video

  • Jayo6969
  • Chris

    I use mine daily while coaching swimming. Great for quick video feedback on the big screen, plus I email the videos immediately to swimmers so they can review later at home in more detail.

  • I have both iPhone 4 and iPad and the latter is not in the same league whatsoever. I am constantly surprising people with the shots that I produce using my phone. The iPad is best for lo-res candid shots.

  • Techguy

    Looks he is playing peek-a-boo with the president. A bit ridiculous; I would use it as a last resort.

  • I’ve used it to create videos of my daughter and then edit them together in iMovie and love it.