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iPad 2 Backlight Leaks Continue To Plague Users

by on March 22nd, 2011

Apple’s support forums indicate that the iPad 2 backlight problems that plagued users during the launch weekend have not let up. Multiple users still report that their iPad 2 is encountering backlight leaks against darker backgrounds.

As seen in the image below, affected devices show extra light bleeding into the display from the outside edges. The problem is very sporadic and different users report different degrees of light leaks in various places. Other users report replacement iPad 2 devices also being affected.

To make things worse, stock in the USA (and eventually in Canada) has been very difficult to find, with almost all retailers completely sold out. This could mean that Apple Stores may have difficulty replacing a defective iPad. Even online, Apple quotes 4-5 weeks shipping for new iPad 2 orders.

Out of frustration, some users have simply returned the device and opted to wait until iPad 2 availability and quality control have improved.

If you own an iPad 2, have you (or someone you know) had backlight leak problems?


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  • Fy1990216

    Hope the one I’m getting is fine

  • Dd

    I have an iPad 2 and it’s perfectly good

  • Fy1990216

    i saw many people saying their ipad2 have this issue….really scare me

  • Momin

    Mine leaks light.

  • Kevin

    A friend picked one up in Austin for me and it has the light issue and a yellow mark in ine area. I had the original on and didn’t have this issue. I’m planning to book an appointment at the genius bar next week to get it replaced.

  • Hyrules

    I’m starting to wonder if I should wait this summer to buy it. Maybe they will have leveled their stock and fix that problem.

  • Jay

    Mine leaks light too

  • Hornet

    iPad 2 backlight bleeding problem is huge !

    As much as I would like to get on on Friday I think it would be foolish. This backlight bleeding problem is huge (makes the iPhone 4 antenna issue seem minimal in retrospect) and I have no desire to lay down almost $1000 for a dud with no fix in sight. Many have exchanged 2 to 3 units and ALL have this problem.

    For more info goggle cultofmac com

  • Djforward

    Just got to west Ed mall, about 60 in line

  • bosoxfanx


    just got mine on the first date of canadian release, same problem!!!

    what should I do? return it? exchange it?

  • Dan

    Mine leaks, but I have to go in a very dark room and look at a black image to see it – just some spots at the bottom. If it’s still an issue a few weeks from now, I guess I’ll go to apple store for replacement. But I’ll probably forget about it by then.

  • magic123

    I returned mine. .and wrote apple feedback of my experience.. probably the best thing to do right now. Keeping it just encourages them to continue producing the units like this.

  • Serg

    You are right.
    I can see few spots of light only in dark room and with a black image…
    I never saw this spots , when I use it like usually…
    There are no light leaks, when you are reading, gaming, etc..
    Maybe mine leaks aren’t so big… But I think there are no problem with that…