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iPad 10 Hour Battery Reconfirmed By Jobs

by on March 7th, 2010

With the launch of the iPad less than three weeks away on April 3, 2010 for the USA and soon after for Canadians, anticipation for the device has been building.

Yesterday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs was reported to respond to an email inquiring about the ability to tether an iPhone to the WiFi iPad. The benefit to doing this is that users can utilize their iPhone data plan for use on the iPad instead of having to purchase the WiFi+3G iPad.

Unfortunately, the answer to the iPad supporting tethering was a simple “no”, as stated by Jobs.

In other news, Jobs has been busy answering emails regarding the 10 hour battery life claim for the iPad. This particular email expressed disbelief that the iPad could deliver 10 hours of battery life. To these concerns, Jobs has simply replied:

“…yes, we are getting 10 hours in 1.5 pounds.”

The fun fact here, Steve sent the reply from his iPad!

So if you have any important iPad related questions, maybe now is the time to email The Steve.


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  • 10 hour is a respectable duration, but thats the top-end of the duration – under ideal conditions – I've never been able to get the battery charge times that Apple stipulates for any of its' laptop units. Having said that though, the newer laptops have much better battery performance than the older ones – The same lithium-polymer technology has been used in the iPad.

    Pretty funny that Steve is replying to select emails directly.

  • Yeah, 10 hours is not bad at all. It'll be interesting to see what real world tests are. Once thing people haven't talked much about is the iPad form factor–it's so thin and light. Can't wait to see how one feels in store!