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iFixit Teardowns Show Minor Differences For WiFi, GSM, CDMA iPad 2

by on March 30th, 2011

Yesterday iFixit announced its completed teardowns of the GSM and CDMA (Verizon) versions of the iPad 2. These two new teardowns join the WiFi iPad 2 teardown performed earlier in March. Since the three types of iPads are similar, iFixit focused on the few areas that differentiate each model from one another.

Between the three iPad models, the aesthetic differences are the 3G antenna strip for the GSM/CDMA iPad 2 and the microSIM card slot for the GSM iPad 2. Due to cellular differences between GSM and CDMA, the CDMA iPad 2 also features an additional antenna like on the CDMA iPhone 4.

For the GSM model, the micro-SIM card slot has moved closer to the top of the iPad near the headphone jack, as compared to the original iPad, and is actually attached to the headphone jack cable. As for the CDMA iPad, its cellular data information is hosted on the internal WWAN board of the device instead of on a SIM card, so the CDMA iPad has no SIM card slot.

Lastly, the three iPad models feature differences in their logic boards. Both the CDMA/GSM models feature WWAN board extensions which hold the hardware supporting the cellular connection. The CDMA model has the same chips, such as the Qualcomm MDM6600 baseband chip, featured in the CDMA iPhone 4. The GSM model relies on Infineon chips for its connection.

Check out the full teardown at iFixit.

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