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iBookstore Now Live in Canada With Paid Books–For Real This Time!

by on June 30th, 2010

The iBookstore is now live in Canada! Last time we had a story that it went live, based on a reader’s tip but that was a bit premature. Worry no more, because you can now take advantage of your Canadian iTunes account and start buying books on your iPad and iPhone. Say goodbye to that US iTunes account for now.

The selection right now is limited, but I did see some of my favourite authors in the iBookstore, such as Vince Flynn. Hey, and just in time for you Twilight fans (my wife), all three books from the series are available as well (don’t ask how I know that).

Here’s a screenshot of the live iBookstore:

What books will you be buying today?

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  • Randy

    It's great that the iBookstore is now live, but after some browsing, I'll probably stick with Kobo. Doesn't look like Apple is going to do for books what they did for music. Most of the prices are higher than those of Kobo.

  • Yeah, the prices seem the same as paperback in stores. At least you're
    saving paper?

    It's a step in the right direction though. Lower the prices and people
    will start buying more. A lot more.

  • Xaroc

    Although I don't read a lot of books this excites me in one way, and that is I might be able to track Down hard to find books such as “inside the delta force” old books that are not being stocked at chapters anymore

  • Ahem. There are *Four* Twilight Books.
    (Don't ask how I know that.)

  • Randy

    Agree Gary. People buy a lot more music since iTunes offered tracks and album, usually, less expensive than physical media. The same would be true of books.

    Kobo also saves paper though, and they're cheaper and regularly have coupon codes. Sorry, not meaning to be a cheerleader for them.

  • Xaroc

    Saving paper is great. but Lowering price is a MUST. because todays day and age if the price isnt right there is only about 7 other ways to get it for free. without reasonable prices causes us to walk behind the dark corners of the app store.

    Also without holding the physical book, as a collector thats a very good reason for cutting the price by half.

  • Wuju

    i still can't find some of the newer book like grown up brain by barbaa strauch

  • Mtlscream

    Yes It's nice to see it live…. but the choice is not great yet… and what about the price…. hummmm moslty more expensive than Amazon and Kobo…. or even not cheaper than in paper.

    It'S about time Apple do something…. the movie are more expensive than DVD or bluray… TV show (season) are more expensive… and now the books…

    We have a great device…. but Apple seems to be very shy in Canada on special and promo for iTunes stuff…. compare to the US…

  • iVictoria

    I agree with most of the posts here about pricing. Charge $2.99 for a popular new novel and I'll buy it and won't think twice. But charge me $12.99 and I won't be as willing to download. I don't think twice about downloading a $.99 app or game for the kids but if they want a $12 book, I'm not going to allow it because they can go to the library and borrow it for virtually free. We vote with our wallets and Apple will be forced to address the pricing issue.

  • So here at iPadinCanada.ca you like Vince Flynn, an American author, and the screen shot you proffer, while headlined “Canadian Stories” shows only American authors. Happy Canada Day.

  • Speedy1701

    Searched for Lord of the Rings. Nada.
    Harry Potter? Nope.
    These aren't exactly obscure titles!

  • Kendarch

    I'm doing the same I'll stick with Kobo and the Amazon Kindle reader. Must better selection and prices then Apple's

  • Wrathh

    About time – again, too bad about the pricing. At the current pricing, I'd much rather hold a paper book in my hands.

  • The saving paper argument is completely spurious. It has been well documented that the environmental and energy costs of the ereading “ecosystem” is far higher than the well-managed forest industry in Western countries. See “Print vs. Digital Media: False Dilemmas and Forced Choices” (http://www.sustainablecommunication.org/resourc…).

  • By purchasing a digital copy, I save transportation to/from a bookstore plus that includes distributors shipping books to/from stores as well. Plus the electricity, paper, and ink involved in printing the book. How can this be bad?

  • It's not bad; didn't mean to convey the impression that it was. My point is that as a selling point for eBooks OVER paper books, the environmental argument doesn't hold. Both leave a carbon footprints…the jury is still deliberating as to which is larger. See also “Poison PCs and Toxic TVs” (http://www.cawrecycles.org/issues/ewaste/poison…).

  • Profofruits

    In french?

  • Has anyone had good (or bad) experiences trying to use the iPad as a textbook reader (via the Kindle app or other alternatives)? I'm wondering how many college students will give it a try in the fall semester.

  • interesting…we’ll see