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Hulu Flash-Free TV App Coming to iPad? Maybe Canada?

by on February 11th, 2010

If you haven’t heard of Hulu, it’s an amazing service that enables Americans to watch full free episodes of their favourite TV shows on the web. It’s Flash-based, which means you can’t view the site on the iPhone or the upcoming iPad. However, there are talks about Hulu creating a non-Flash app for the iPad (read here about why the iPhone doesn’t need Flash).

What does this mean? It means TV is coming soon to the iPad if Hulu actually follow through on this story. Currently, all of their videos are already encoded in the H.264 format, which means they are Apple-ready. It’s going to come down to a business decision to see if this thing actually goes down. Too bad we can’t watch Hulu in Canada (hint: download HotSpot Shield).

What About Other iPad TV Apps–In Canada?

Currently the BBC has an app that allows users to watch live TV straight from their iPhone (not available in Canada unfortunately). The technology is there for companies to innovate and come out with real apps that we will use while on the go. With the iPad, TV apps and other live streaming apps would be absolutely awesome.

In Canada, sites like Global and CTV already allow us to watch full TV episodes online. However, these videos are based on Flash, which isn’t available on the iPad. If these companies truly wanted to expand their brand and user base, creating a streaming video app would be huge.

What do you think? Will we soon be watching live TV on the iPad soon?


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