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How Will You Be Buying Your iPad?

by on March 5th, 2010

With this morning’s announcement of the availability of the iPad in the US, Canadians will soon need to decide how exactly they wish to get their hands on an iPad when it releases here in April. The good news is, Apple has allowed pre-orders to be picked up in store for US customers, and this may be the same here in Canada.

This will allow for immediate pick up of your pre-ordered iPad the day it releases in Canada, hopefully avoiding the requirement to queue. However previously, it was rumored that Apple will give a special gift to people who camp out on launch day. So this raises the question, will there be a queue for pre-order pickups as well?

The alternative would be to just arrange shipment directly to your home. Apple’s courier service, FedEx, does allow for Saturday deliveries, however does guarantee that you will receive it on launch day – and may result in a delay of your product if you’re not part of the first batch of shipments.

Of course, for Canadians, the quickest alternative would be to head down to the states and hopefully pick one up at the store on April 3rd. Provided you can convince your travel companions to wait with you during your Easter holidays.

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  • Frank

    Is it actually illegal to have someone in the US buy one and ship it to you? Because I might try this.

  • No. Not illegal

  • rorypiper

    I'm tempted to head accross the border for this. I've never been a part of an Apple launch event. Think I need to experience it.

  • Dev

    i wonder how the warranty situation would be like. Would a US bought iPad be covered under warranty with Canada?

  • goliath

    im hoping this myself. That would be good to know although it should. I believe if you get the apple plan it should be covered regardless.

  • goliath

    Another thing im wondering is if I buy my ipad in the US and I bring it over will that be a prob for things such as apps. Like the ibooks, it states that its only available in the US to start so is that more reliant on the location that the ipad is located to access this or where I bought it?

  • That would be tied to your iTunes account – if you have a Canadian store account you will only be able to acquire apps and content available in the Canadian iTunes store. It should make no difference where the device was purchased or where it's physically located.

  • I was originally considering heading to the US to get an iPad – but given that they will be available in Canada, later in the April – I think I'l wait it out.

    Still struggling with whether to get a WiFi only model or 3G, though.

  • Jennifer

    Going to Palm Springs early April. Shipping iPad to friend. Picking it up then!