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How Much Will the iPad Cost in Canada? Either $549 or $599

by on April 13th, 2010

Waiting for the latest technology, music, cars, fashion, etc. to arrive in Canada is basically a national sport. We waited a year for the iPhone to come to Canada. Now, like the rest of world we have continued to wait for the iPad (editor’s note: I got mine on April 5th, hehe). We heard from sources that April 24th is the date for the iPad’s crash landing in Canada, and for International users as well.

Let’s Take Time to Predict the Cost of an iPad in Canada

One thing that hasn’t been investigated is iPad pricing in Canada. How much will the iPad cost in Canada? We don’t know. The 16GB WiFi model costs $499US. How much will the same model cost in Canada? We took the time to compare prices from the Canadian and American Apple stores to find out.

If you take a look at the following price comparison, you’ll notice that significant price differences between Canada and the USA jump considerably as we move up the price scale. The MacBook line up and iMacs differ by $100, and at the far end of the spectrum Mac Pros differ by $400. Note that these prices are for the base models shown on Apple.com and Apple.ca.

The iPad falls into a new category that Apple has created–the tablet market. It’s meant to fall between your smartphone and your laptop. Laptops differ by $100. The Mac Mini differs by $50. Our prediction is that the iPad base model in Canada will cost between: $549 to $599. I can’t see Apple charging more than $599 for the 16GB WiFi model in Canada.

Some of you may be wondering about the strong Canadian dollar which is almost at parity with the US Greenback. Doesn’t that play a factor in pricing? Historically speaking when it comes to Apple, not really.

So there you have it. When the iPad launches in Canada on the 24th, it’s almost certain that pricing will reflect the same differences we noted above between Canadian and US Apple stores, if history is to repeat itself.

What do you think pricing will be for the iPad in Canada? Within the range predicted above?

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  • Apple

    They will have the same price points as the US models. Apple would have announced otherwise when the iPad was introduced.

  • kpow14

    I think it'll be within $50. If it is then I'll buy here in Canada but if its $100 or more I'll probably head south. I'm more curious what the costs of the data plans will be here in Canada since that'll be deciding factor on which version I want.

  • Data plans will most likely be very close to the current offerings. $25, $30, etc

  • rlubin

    I'll guess $525
    As of today, the 13″ Mac Book Pro is $1199 in the US and $1249 in Canada
    Given this ratio, a $20 – $25 increase for the iPad seems reasonable.

  • I guess we'll get some clarification on the launch date and the price soon, either way.

    Being Canadian means, waiting longer and paying more. Ain't it grand.

  • I thought it was interesting as I checked the prices of the new MacBook Pro line released today, that the price difference between the US and Canadian prices throughout the entire line is a constant 50 bucks. This makes me think that Apple automatically adds this $50 to all their computers that they have shipped to Canada.

    We can't escape what some Macintosh fans call the CDN tax. No matter what, us Canadians will pay a premium for all things that come from Cupertino….even though it all gets manufactured in China.

  • Wuju

    By the way, for anyone who have gotten the iPad already from the States. We are still under warranty from Apple if we need servicing in Canada? I think so but not 100% sure. Do you need a receipt or simply has the machine and Apple Canada will warranty your iPad.

  • Apple has announced just the other day that they are changing the pricing differences between their products in the US and in Canada, specifically the MacBook Pro line of computers, from $100, down to $50, due to Canadian Dollar close to $US par.

    I can see this moving accross to the iPad as well, which would help facilitate initial sales in Canada once it is released. There is no real money lost here, all it does is help out us Canadians with our final decision to purchase, now at a lower price.

    My best guess is the iPad 16GB WiFi will sell for between $525 and $550 Can.

  • Kevin

    When I picked my up last Friday, they said in the store. I would need to bring it to the states for warranty….

  • i think it is so popular site!

  • Tronaldo

    its not the $$ plus you are paying im pretty sure if u make a percentage out of all those numbers you will get more or less what they are adding is an average from the price

  • Well, interesting post, thanks!

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