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How Much Will the iPad Cost in Canada? Either $549 or $599

by on April 13th, 2010

Waiting for the latest technology, music, cars, fashion, etc. to arrive in Canada is basically a national sport. We waited a year for the iPhone to come to Canada. Now, like the rest of world we have continued to wait for the iPad (editor’s note: I got mine on April 5th, hehe). We heard from sources that April 24th is the date for the iPad’s crash landing in Canada, and for International users as well.

Let’s Take Time to Predict the Cost of an iPad in Canada

One thing that hasn’t been investigated is iPad pricing in Canada. How much will the iPad cost in Canada? We don’t know. The 16GB WiFi model costs $499US. How much will the same model cost in Canada? We took the time to compare prices from the Canadian and American Apple stores to find out.

If you take a look at the following price comparison, you’ll notice that significant price differences between Canada and the USA jump considerably as we move up the price scale. The MacBook line up and iMacs differ by $100, and at the far end of the spectrum Mac Pros differ by $400. Note that these prices are for the base models shown on Apple.com and Apple.ca.

The iPad falls into a new category that Apple has created–the tablet market. It’s meant to fall between your smartphone and your laptop. Laptops differ by $100. The Mac Mini differs by $50. Our prediction is that the iPad base model in Canada will cost between: $549 to $599. I can’t see Apple charging more than $599 for the 16GB WiFi model in Canada.

Some of you may be wondering about the strong Canadian dollar which is almost at parity with the US Greenback. Doesn’t that play a factor in pricing? Historically speaking when it comes to Apple, not really.

So there you have it. When the iPad launches in Canada on the 24th, it’s almost certain that pricing will reflect the same differences we noted above between Canadian and US Apple stores, if history is to repeat itself.

What do you think pricing will be for the iPad in Canada? Within the range predicted above?

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