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How Many iPad 2 Pics Are Uploaded to Flickr?

by on May 14th, 2011

The iPad 2 introduced dual cameras, one on the front for FaceTime and the back for HD video recording and VGA snapshots. Yes, the camera on the iPad 2 is nothing to brag about and the quality is less than desirable. We already mentioned how using an iPad 2 in public just looks plain weird.

ElectricPig took the time to make a graphic of the number of Apple Flickr uploads sorted by the iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G, and iPad 2. The results aren’t surprising at all:

How often do you use your iPad 2 as a camera?


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  • KK

     How are there more 3G pictures posted than 3GS?

  •  looks like the ipad 2 isnt living upto expectation on the camera side, im happy with mine hardly use the camera thats alright as i got my ipad for free anyway woop woop!!

  • beavisaur

    probably because not very many people wasted their money to upgrade from 3G to 3GS,

    used my iPad2 camera the very first day and was overwhelmingly disappointed.  Use it for skype frequently though.

  • I knew the cameras were poor going in, so was not disappointed at all. IMO a tablet is not meant for this function, if you are going to take pictures it will be in a very casual fashion (i.e. photobooth). Other than that it’s video conferencing and other apps.

    I have a better iPhone lens for candids and a DSLR for thought out shots.