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How Are You Liking your iPad mini?

by on November 14th, 2012

It’s been well over two weeks since the iPad mini launched. White models were delayed two weeks from the pre-order date but eventually shipped a week after the public release date. Now that you’ve had some time with this smaller iPad, what do you think of it? 

We have spent some time with our white iPad mini and our initial thoughts? It’s built incredibly well. Super thin and light, it does bring a different iPad experience. After coming from a Retina display, the lower resolution is a problem at first but you eventually get used to it. Still though, the conclusion is Retina has spoiled us. 

As for performance, the smaller iPad seems to run apps very quickly with no noticeable lag compared to the third gen iPad, until you put them side by side. The home button is smaller, but still feels solid. I still feel like I’m going to drop the iPad mini because it’s so light. 

How do you like your iPad mini so far? 

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  • Sylvie Hanna

    Haven’t been able to play with mine yet because it wouldn’t hold a wifi connection to enable me to restore it with my apps. Seems it has a hardware problem so Apple is going to replace it but here I sit waiting for the required packaging to arrive so I can return it. Sigh!

  • I am very happy with it except that there is a wifi speed problem that was not fixed in 6.0.1

  • tnolo

    I like the form factor of it so much, I sold my iPad3 =)

  • wuju

    This helped me on keeping hold of the wifi network in my iPhone 5. Instead of select your Wifi network from the list of network shown in the Wi-Fo setup screen, Choose “Other…” and spell your wifi name & security. This way solved my wifi not holding. Hope it helps.

  • wuju

    Question is when will it be available from the retail store. BestBuy, Futureshop, nor Apple has any in stock. Want to buy one as a gift. Any idea how to know when they are in stock beside calling them everyday.

  • Opus

    Future Shop had some. I was able to get one using their online store and saw some in stores. Just keep checking their website for stock availability

  • wuju

    Just checked. They do have the 64G version. Can afford the 16G only. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Mike

    I am surprised at how much I love this device. The build is incredible. I had a Nexus 7 before and there is almost no comparison. I can’t bring myself to part with my iPad 3 – the retina is too nice to give up.

  • Dee

    My bezel has been chipping around the edges despite Smart Cover and being very careful. That has been my ultimate disappointment.

  • Salvador

    Don’t trust on “Store availability”. I found different sizes on different stores when the website said “no available in store”

  • Dan

    Love it