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[UPDATE] Geohot Shows More Proof of iPad Jailbreak

by on April 9th, 2010

If you’re not familiar with George Hotz (aka: geohot), you should be! 😉 He was the original guy who figured out how to unlock the iPhone. At that time it was a hardware unlock, and geohot had people around the world cracking open their iPhones, so that they could use them on their local carrier.

So, Apple releases the iPad, less than a week ago, and geohot is back at it, with a software jailbreak for the iPad. In a quick post on Twitter, goehot just says, “Verbose iPad looks cool!”, with this picture attached:

A verbose boot, just means you get to see all the stuff that usually happens in the background, when all you normally see is the Apple logo. The fact that geohot has gotten this far, means he basically just needs to package it up, (like blackra1n), and release it to the public. How soon this will be released, is uncertain. With the next firmware update for the iPad, not coming until the fall, we can hope that he releases this one soon.

UPDATE: Geohot has posted this picture on his blog. It shows that he has jailbroken to iPad with blackra1n! Not much longer, until we have the tools in our hands!

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