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Fido To Release iPad 3G Data Plans?

by on May 29th, 2010

Leading up to the Canadian launch of the Apple iPad, Rogers Wireless was very clear that Fido would not be supporting the iPad at launch. However, that did leave the possibility of Fido supporting the iPad at a later time.

As it stands, there are two confirmed wireless carriers supporting the iPad, Bell and Rogers, and one wireless carrier that is sort of flaky right now, Telus. The plans are as follows:

The iPad 3G plans from Rogers:

  • 250MB: $15.00/month
  • 5GB: $35/month
  • Unlimited access to Rogers/Fido WiFi hotspots

The iPad 3G plans from Bell:

  • 250MB: $15.00/month
  • 5GB: $35/month
  • Unlimited access to Bell WiFi hotspots

The iPad 3G plans from Telus:

  • 250MB: $15.00/month
  • 5GB: $50/month

Doing a little digging, it seems that Fido may be the next carrier to support the iPad. Internal screenshots indicate that Fido has input the iPad 3G into their systems and there is a laundry list of supported data plans, ranging from 500MB to 15GB, that apparently support the iPad 3G.

While it is likely the above list of data plans will not officially be available for the iPad 3G, this is a good sign that Fido will be launching iPad 3G data plans soon.

As for pricing, there will likely be two plans that are the same price and data amount as Rogers/Bell. However, since the iPad 3G is unlocked, it really doesn’t matter if Fido launches or not, but the more options the better.

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  • Todd

    Here in Alberta you can get on a TELUS plan for $20 per month which gives you 500 MB, and for the first month, no overage charges. (Basically first month is unlimited). After the first month I think it's $0.05 per MB after.

  • phoomp

    If those Telus prices are true, what could Telus possibly be thinking to offer 5GB for $15 more than the competition? Only in the Canadian cellular market can it be considered “competition” to offer the same service for more money.

  • Tom

    Can you post more info or a link please ?

  • Here, I scanned a copy of the Telus deal I got from Futureshop. It's $20 for 5 gig per month. If you hit 5 gig, it's .05 cents per meg after that up to a cap of $50 which works out to about 10 gig per month.


  • al

    ^BB informed me that TELUS 20$ is for 500MB; 1st month unlimited. no contract, I dont believe they have a 250MB plan as yet.

  • Guest

    I just read it myself on the Telus Partners site (need to work for them or a dealer to get on). This is the ONLY Telus plan listed there.

  • Kd

    Can anyone confirm the Telus deal at $20/5GB month? Is this a contract plan?

  • al

    there is no 5GB @20$;

  • Iwanttobuybut

    Why would the ipad not come with a built in camera?? Any insight into their thinking or plans for this addition in the next generation.

  • Not a contract. You can cancel anytime.

  • Yeah, it seems crazy, especially since it'd supposedly have the same coverage as Bell.

  • al

    wow, quite a deal u got there..!!

  • Apple products don't work like that. They do small incremental updates to sell you a new product next year…

    Of course the camera is obvious, but the hype they will create next year will sell the next gen product itself.

  • Your plan for Telus is wrong. It's $20 for 500MB per month – additional data is charged at 5ยข per MB up to a maximum of $30 for a total of $50 per month. Thus Telus is the only carrier to offer illimited data for $50 a month.

    Here is a link to the official news release:

  • al

    so true, AND we all or many of us fall for it; great marketing is what apple is all about…!!

  • Reginald

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  • The 5GB/$20 Plan with Telus is what I think I got as well when I bought the SIM from futureshop. The rep even said to me that was what i was getting. When I got home and registered the sim the plan showed 20/5GB on the website.

    I won't know until I get a bill to confirm it but I think it may be either a mistake or a hidden plan of some kind.

  • $20 = 500MB

  • The wording can be misleading. What you have is $20 for a maximum of 5GB. In other words, you have 500MB to start and pay overage fees over 500MB to a cap of 5GB.