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Fido Launches New iPad Flex Data Plan Prior to iPad 3 Announcement

by on March 5th, 2012

Just prior to the iPad 3 announcement, Fido has released a new data flex plan for 3G models of the iPad, according to MobileSyrup, which notes these plans were supposed to released a month ago but have coincidentally been announced today.

Internal docs show the following pricing tiers of the flex data plan, which ‘adjusts’ based on the data use on your 3G iPad (which could be LTE soon!):

– $10 for 150MB, $25 for 1GB, and finally $35 for 5GB max.
– Overages are $0.02/MB, and a $35 activation fee will be required

Fido notes this plan is not available for 3G iPads purchased outside of Canada, which is strange since 3G models are factory unlocked.

Fido also included a graph comparing its data plan to competitors. Bell/Virgin appear to offer the cheapest data in terms of $/MB:

Existing iPhone users with tethering-enabled data plans tend to opt for WiFi-only iPads, as they can easily get access to the net from their phones. However, the 3G-enabled iPad has proven to be popular for those that require minimal data, or are the frequent traveler.

Anyone going to jump on this new flex data plan?

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  • Christopher Jones

    Bell/Virgin do not offer the cheapest, only the cheapest overage usage. Either than their $35/5GB, which is the same across the board, Bell/Virgin’s plans are relatively more expensive than Fido. Their $15/250MB is cheaper than Fido’s $10/150MB ($$/MB), but only 2/3rds of a cent! But who would go for a plan that low in MB, I would START with the 1 GB, and go up from there. Also note, their non-flex plans are cheaper, usually by $5, so if you know you’ll use over 1 GB, get the $30/5GB non-flex plan, your money will go further

  • iBirdie

    I wish they allow us to share the 6Gb with my iPhone data package like Bell & Rogers.
    Then, I will buy iPad 3G

  • I don’t think it is lock/unlock problem. The issue with iPads from outside Canada, could be related to the fact that new iPads are rumoured to be LTE enabled. It happens that LTE in USA is on 700MHz while in Canada is on 1700MHz. 

    Canada is suposed to go for auctioning the 700MHz frequency around mid 2012, to late for this round of iPads.

  • Jude Brooks

    Bell currently has a 2 month promotion on now…..$5.00 per month with no limit.