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FCC iPad Tear Down Pictures Revealed–Before the iPad Launch!

by on April 2nd, 2010

Now is this something you won’t see on Apple’s iPad guided tours. The FCC has posted tear down pictures of the iPad and they have been posted on the web by iFixit. The large image shows circuit boards and batteries. It’s crazy how Apple was able to cram all this into the super thin iPad.

Apple had sent a confidentiality request for these pictures to be kept in the dark until August–but as you can see nobody tells the FCC what to do! Clearly that request was ignored!

One of the pictures was blacked out, hiding the identity of some parts. No big deal, because MacRumors revealed some very interesting information:

A closer look at the FCC images reveal that the obscured chip parts were actually blacked out with a layer embedded in the PDF. A quick manipulation reveals the actual underlying chips that had been covered for “confidentiality”.

Unsurprisingly, the main processor is an Apple A4, but the new images reveal that Apple is using Toshiba Flash memory and a Broadcom BCM5973 chip.

You check out the entire tear down over at iFixit.

[9to5Mac, MacRumors]

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