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FAQ: Canadians Buying iPad 2 from the USA; What You Need to Know

by on March 9th, 2011

Updated – March 10, 2011. New questions at the bottom.

iPad 2 is released this Friday in the US. However, given the close proximity Canadians are to Apple Stores near the Canada/USA border, it’s going to be Christmas for Canucks too. If you’re looking to buy an iPad 2 from the US, here are some tips that you need to know about.

Most of this info is modified from our first FAQ about buying the first gen iPad from the US. We’ve updated the FAQ to help out the next generation of early iPad 2 adopters. Let’s get started!

How much does an iPad 2 cost in the US?

– WiFi models: $499/16GB, $599/32GB, $699/64GB
– WiFi + 3G models: $629/16GB, $729/32GB, $829/64GB
– Add on local State tax to the above purchases.

How much are iPad 2 Smart Covers in the US?

– Polyurethane: $39; Leather: $69

How much is the Apple Digital AV Adapter for streaming 1080p to my TV?

– $39

How much is the iPad 2 dock?

– $29

What colours do the iPad 2 come in?

White or black.

What other stores are selling the iPad 2?

Best Buy, Target, Walmart.

Can I use 3G iPad 2 models in Canada on Rogers, Telus, and Bell? Are they unlocked?

Yes. We confirmed they are unlocked. However, you MUST buy the AT&T GSM version for it to work in Canada.

Does my US iPad 2 warranty extend to Canada?


Do American Apple Stores take Canadian credit cards?

Yes. You’re in luck too, since the Canadian dollar is above parity!

Will I have to pay duties on my iPad 2? What about HST?

From iPadinCanada.ca reader Cal:

The 10-digit harmonized system (HS) code for iPads is:

* 8471.30.01.00 in the U.S.
* 8471.30.00.00 in Canada.

Both countries use the World Customs Organization tariff item description of “portable automatic data processing machines, weighing not more than 10 kg, consisting of at least a central processing unit, a keyboard and a display”. The iPad falls under this tariff classification, as do computer netbooks and notebooks.

So, no duties on iPad, but Canadian taxes, yes.

Will Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) care how many iPads I bring back in one day?

No. As long as you declare, you’ll just pay Canadian taxes on the total value of your iPads. I called CBSA to confirm this.

Is there a limit on iPad 2 purchases? I want to bring back 5 for my friends and family.

Apple last year had a limit of 2 iPads per person/credit card. That might happen again this year. Bring an “iPad wing man” to help out if you need more. We’ll find the limits soon, and update this FAQ.

Will I have to create a US iTunes account to use iPad 2 in Canada?


I really, really want an iPad 2 from the US this Friday (and weekend). How should I prepare?

Prior to leaving Canada, Google the numbers/addresses of Apple Stores, Best Buy/Walmart/Target stores, and also Starbucks locations (for free WiFi–and calling via Skype plans). Bring a lawn chair as you might be prepared to wait in line.

Will Applecare purchased in the US work in Canada?


What time will US Apple Stores sell iPad 2? What about ordering online?

5pm local time for stores. Online ordering starts at 1am. Canadians cannot order from Apple.com. I suggest you find an “Amerifriend” to order for you. Or, try a mail forwarding service; although last year orders from Borderlinx were cancelled by Apple. Best bet, get a friend to order for you that lives in the USA.

Will I pay Canadian tax on the total before US State tax, or on top of it?

You will be charged Canadian tax on the US total that includes taxes. So if you paid $546 US for iPad 2 from Washington State ($499 + 9.5%), coming home you’ll have to pay HST on that amount. So, $546 x 12%. Boo!

If there’s a relevant question we missed, please let us know in the comments and we’ll include and try our best to answer it. Anyone heading South this Friday and the weekend?

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