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Facepad for iPad just might be the ticket…

by on January 3rd, 2011

Happy New Year everyone!

Always on the prowl for new Facebook apps for the iPad, I stumbled across Facepad a few days ago and I’m pretty impressed.  An iPad-only Facebook app (but then why are you looking for an iPhone replacement?), it takes its lead from the official Twitter app (or so it appears) with “slide-across” panels and responsive features.  For now, its replaced my standard Friendly for Facebook app – although I’ve only stored Friendly in a close-by folder, since Facepad still feels like it’s in beta form at times.

I’ve noticed a few things that I’m hoping get fixed in the next update:

  • When searching friends, the background “Search Friends” text in the search box doesn’t disappear when you type in the name.
  • Panels sometimes seem to “stick” open or disappear and have to be requested again
  • Some of the font seems disproportionate (e.g., the hyperlink address font is bigger than anything else in the post)
  • Imbedded ads.  OK – I know it’s a free, ad-supported app but I would be more than happy to pay the $1 or $2 to get rid of them.
  • No multiple logins

There’s a few other minor things as I explore, but the more I use the app, the more I’m enjoying it.  It’s sleek looking, responsive and will be staying on my main iPad screen for the foreseeable future.

Oh – one last thing.  Apparently Facepad doesn’t work on iOS 3.2, so if you haven’t upgraded your iPad’s OS then hang tight on downloading Facepad.


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  • Edge

    Wow, this app is terrible. It does seem like it’s in beta (try searching for a friend, it won’t let you enter a name). The panel feature is cool, but all it is doing is opening up the mobile web version which is kinda slow. To make the text larger, it just expands the web version making everything look blurry. Really poor experience, and it really makes me question the validity of these reviews… 🙁

  • Murman

    “…since Facepad still feels like it’s in beta form at times.”

    There are definitely bugs and it’s far from perfect (see my comments above) but hardly terrible. Do things need to be fixed? Yup. As far as I know *all* the iPad apps (this one, Friendly, et al) are just front ends for the mobile.facebook.com site. You’re right – it’s no where near the iPhone Facebook app experience but I find it a breath of fresh air.

    One man’s garbage as they say…

  • Ex

    This post sounds more like a report than a review. There is nothing to question here. Just read it, think about it and post your own thoughts. Don’t question “validity” when it is irrelevant.