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Exclusive: Apple Canada Launching iPad 2 At 8AM On March 25

by on March 18th, 2011

Update 1: Looks like Apple has officially anounced the launch times and prices for iPad 2. Our source was correct, but Apple changed the times. According to signage/internal docs, the old 8am time was spot on.

Apple today announced that iPad 2, the second-generation of its third post-PC device, will go on sale in 25 additional countries this Friday, March 25. iPad 2 will be available at Apple retail stores and select Apple Authorized Resellers at 5 p.m. local time, and online through the Apple Store (www.apple.ca) beginning at 1 a.m PST

The iPad 2 is set to launch in Canada on March 25, 2011. So far, there has been no additional news regarding the launch. However, many eager buyers have been wondering what time the Canadian launch will be so they know when to line up.

In the USA, Apple Stores and other retailers opened at 5PM to sell the iPad, so when will Canadian Apple Stores open?

Today, we have confirmed from very reliable sources that the Canadian Apple Store iPad 2 launch has been scheduled for March 25, 2011 at 8:00AM (subject to change at any time however). There you have it. If you are planning on lining up, you’ll want to be there well before 8:00AM, that is if the launch keeps to the schedule.


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  • Peter

    Yay!!!!!!!!!! No delays!!!! I will be lining up bright and early!

  • Jan

    How early are people going to be lining up??

  • Joey

    Definitely will be there around 3am.

  • Devon

    lol – much different than the Future Shot tweet just a couple of hours ago that it’ll be a 5pm launch.

  • Phdms23

    Honestly, probably around like 2am It depends which city ur in. Im from vancouver and I bet the downtown location line will be earlier. But what happens when ur Apple store is in a mall? I wonder if they will be going to make people line up outside mall doors? Can someone look into this who works at a mall? Thx

  • Peter

    I don’t work at a mall but I lined up for the iPhone 4 at sherway gardens mall in Toronto. The line was outside of the mall until a couple of hours before the release, and then inside for the remainder.

    I believe I was there at 3 am for that launch..which was actually too early. People who got there at like 6 am still got the goods I’m sure.

  • John

    I will be camping a day before…

  • Phdms23

    Hey Peter Thx for the info!!! U really think 3am is early? Im thinking with all the crazyness in the usa, people are all now wondering if they should be sleeping over too! I agree that 3am is early but with all the long delays with .com shipping I’m not sure now! I wonder when apple.ca will start letting people order online? thx again

  • Anna

    Southgate and west Edmonton mall in Edmonton let people line up overnight inside for the iPhone 4 release

  • VCapplefan

    Hey anyone know what time apple.ca will start taking orders online on friday?

  • Peter

    Ultimately it’s up to you, but to be honest, 3 am is too early for me. Yes I wasn’t first in line, that was left to the crazy’s that camped out from the day before. And I laughed at them! I was something like 30th and that particular Apple Store had hundreds of iPhone 4’s. Yes, I had the pleasure of watching the hundreds of people lining up behind me but I also felt that I could have gotten more sleep if I came an hour or two later.

    Now, one more thing I should point out: it was a complete fluke that I picked the best Apple Store in Toronto to line up at because I found out later that store had the most stock in the GTA. People who camped out at the “flagship” store at Eaton Centre went home empty-handed twice as early as those of us at Sherway.

    I don’t know where you live, but I would suggest researching beforehand what is the best Apple Store to line up at…just find some threads at http://www.ehmac.ca talking about the iPhone 4 lineup and see what was the best store.

    All in all it was a wonderful experience that day. 🙂 Met lots of interesting Mac heads like me and also turned a profit by re-selling the extra iPhone 4’s I bought..I may do that again this time!!

  • Peter

    Hey is there any word on whether there will be a limit on the number of iPads a person can buy??

  • Ex

    Two per person.

  • Ex


  • Peter

    Thanks man.

  • Patt

    Oakridge mall in Vancouver had people lined outside the mall overnight for the iPhone 4 launch. It was kinda fun, but also a nightmare. We ended up sending one of our numbers to our previous iPhone supplier when he opened at 10am. He only got 3 phones in stock, but we got one from him. He didn’t have a line at all.

    You are in Vancouver right? Don’t forget about simply computing.

  • VCapplefan

    Hey peter, thx again!!!! BTW I live in vancouver and we only have 3 stores in the GVA I think the one im going to will be the least popular out of the 3! The Flagship store in Downtown is a complete write-off because I remember last year they let people line up overnite and they DID!!!! Lets hope we al have the chance to get one next week! I think they will have a 2 IPad limit like the states!

  • VCapplefan

    Really? thx Jan for the info! Did u end up getting a iphone 4 on the first Day? And are u thinking of lining up for the ipad 2?

  • VCapplefan

    Hey Peter are u goin back to the same Apple store again?

  • Vazandrew

    I also was wondering about the online store, I have to work that day so can’t line up at a retail location unfortunately.

  • Bird Man

    What happened when they actually opened the mall….. was it the fastest runners who ended up first in line when they got to the line up outside the actual store in the mall? Or was it more civilized then that?

  • krish

    Anyone planning to line up at the pacific mall apple store in Vancouver? I am going to be there. What time are you guys thinking to start lining up? or what time would you suggest to start lining up?


  • Anonymous

    LOL i thought you were talking about Toronto. that would have been a mess 😛

  • Anonymous

    youre awesome

  • Albslee

    Does this mean malls will be opening their doors at 8am to accommodate? Malls in Toronto that is.

  • Devon

    I got to West Edmonton Mall at 5am for iPhone 4 launch and I was about 20th in line. And it was a 7am launch if I remember correctly.

  • Asakura58

    anybody know when the online will start? will it be like the states 1 am pacific (4 eastern)?

  • Andy

    For those wondering about Apple stores located within malls
    The mall actually opens its doors (or certain entrances) before regular mall hours. I used to work at Sherway Gardens and you would have mall walkers (usually the retired/ederly) come in for exercise around 6am. Always wondered how they got up that early since I was half asleep for those early morning shifts.
    I’d probably go to the security entrance as thats the first door that is usually opened.

  • Anonymous

    THAT is why the 5pm launch worked better for me. I know a lot of people work during the day, but lining up at 2am is crazy. CRAZY!

  • Lexi

    I’m definitely going to be there at 6, hopefully that’ll be early enough! Does anyone know how much the price is going to be? Approximately…

  • Jennifer

    If you buy the iPad online and it says 1-2 days shipping does that mean you actually will get it in 2 days? Or could it be bumped up to 4-5 weeks?

  • Anonymous

    I plan to go to Yorkdale Mall in Toronto for my iPad 2. I stopped by the apple store last week and asked them how the launch went last year. They said people started lining up the night before, but I think that was probably an isolated case. Anyway she said that apple store employees have to be in at 6:30am, so that’s when they opened the mall doors to let people in who lined up outside. My only concern is all the mall entrances on the south side of Yorkdale (where the Apple store is) are closed for renovation. So which mall door should I go to? I think I’ll stop by the mall this weekend and ask. Good call on the person who mentioned the security entrance, not sure where that is tho. I plan to be there at 5:30am so I only have to wait outside max 1 hr. No way am I going to stay up all night in the cold!

  • Bodda

    What time is that in? ET, MT, PC?

  • Ex

    8AM in your local time zone

  • Twarth

    Does anyone know how long it takes to get the iPad2? It took about an hour after getting in the door to activate my iPhone4. I lined up at 5:30 am at West Edmonton mall and got out by 1:00 pm. I’m hoping it will be much faster with the iPad2.

  • Jan

    yes I got the iphone4 the first day but am still undecided if I am going to lineup yet or just wing it after work

  • VCapplefan

    Hey Patt just wondering if u will be lining up for the release at Oakridge for the Ipad 2? Im wondering if its going to be a crazy morning there too? And do u remember if u the line outside the mall was at the entrance closest to Kin’s Farm market? Or was it Closer to Zellers?
    Just wondering where people line up at the mall?

  • Patt

    The line started at the seniors center entrance on the same side as kims market and wrapped around the building all the way to Zellers and beyond, I think.


  • VCapplefan

    wow really? are u thinking of goin? I heard the apple store in richmond wont be as crazy? Did u hear any of that? Im not going to bother with Pacific centre because I heard the line was just insane! and I heard it started overnite!

  • Peter

    Lol! Can you imagine the scene if they just let people run into the store???

    First crying out loud man, there was a line up and an Apple employee escorted you into the store and personally processed your purchase. Very and extremely orderly!

  • Helvetica

    Actually, I believe Bird Man was asking about your prior comment regarding the line starting outside the mall because it was closed. He (and I) was curious, when the mall actually opened the doors so that you could line up outside the store, did the people who were lined up outside all run in a free-for-all toward the store, or was someone there to maintain the outside lineup order.

  • Johnny

    I’m pretty sure Bird Man was referring to the line GOING IN TO THE MALL before the mall opened and not the apple store itself hahahaha. That would be quite a scene to see though lol.

  • Well, there is no activation…swipe your credit card and go…the line ups should move much faster.

  • Any store in Vancouver is going to be crazy. I was 30th in line at Oakridge for 3 days in a row trying to get the iPhone 4 and I was there at 4 AM, 2 AM and Midnight. Never did get one. Finally scooped one from those scamming bastards, Wireless Wave.

  • VCapplefan


  • lol I’m wondering the same thing. It wouldn’t help to study the insides of the mall first, so you know where to run to.

  • Anonymous

    ya I remember…it was nuts man. At Oakridge mall there are people start lining up 12-3 am everyday to buy the iPhone 4. The problem was they are mostly scalpers.They are lining up like it was their job!!

  • timdog

    I would like to know that also, as I am planning on lining up outside the mall, as I am not sure if they will let us in early.

  • Last time (for the iPhone 4), I was in front of the Ste-Catherine (Montréal) store very early…. around midnight…. and nope, I wasn’t the first. Maybe 15 persons before me…. We waited 8h or so…. At least was summer 🙂

    This time, might be different… March night in Montreal could be not great…

    And i know some people are thinking about is it at 8am or 5pm like in the US.
    Every new products launch in Canada…. The iPhone 3GS, the iPad and the iPhone 4 were launch all at 8am… even if the US did it at 5pm.

  • hey does anyone has experience an iPad line-up in Montreal? I am willing to make the line-up for all night long, but if I do at what time should I come out of the store? 12pm? Because I have to go from 12 pm… but honestly I really don’t mind sleeping outside the store because it will be almost summer!

  • Peter Nguyen

    What time are people going in Toronto??? Midnight to early? any suggestions as this will be my first time lining up for launch?

  • Alex

    Really helpful information Jan! I was worrying that the mall don’t allow people to line up inside. It’s Alberta and still winter here. Maybe I’ll see you in one of the lines.

  • Lexi

    It’s my first time lining up as well and I’m going at about 6 am… I think that should be fine. If you want you can go at midnight but I don’t think there’s much use in going that early.

  • SeanAndernacht

    I called the Square One mall Apple store in Mississauga today and they said they didn’t know when they would start selling them, told me to call back later in the week. He also told me the outside waiting area is the Moxies entrance in case anyone is wondering

  • Ex


    They don’t tell people info over the phone, otherwise the crazies start lining up.

    They know the time, and if you read this post, you do too.

  • Mshahidz

    Has anyone lined up at eaton centre before? Where do you line up? Fairview was brutal foe the iPhone 4 as I ha to wait till 7pm the NEXT day to get it… And I arrived at 1am. Horrible management.

  • yeah, I’d like to know either at eaton center or any Best Buy/Future shop @ Marche Central, I know the stock will be very limited but it is the nearest shop from my home. Or, I can still go at any Rogers/Bell/Fido stores and buy the 3G iPad 2 without a contract!

  • 127684uzjk

    I was at sherway last summer for iPhone on launch. There were several security guards maintaining line structure. but they didnt open the doors that early.

    7am hit, and about 30 apple employees came out dancing and clapping like idiots.
    We then proceeded to walk in to the mail in an orderly fashion.

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  • hey steve, donc si je reformule ce que tu as dis, pour une file du iPad 2 au Marché Central (Bestbuy/Futureshop), l’achalandage devrait être moins élevé, même s’il fait quand même beau… donc je devrais arriver vers 6h00 AM (vendredi) pour avoir une bonne place et ainsi avoir mon ticket chez bestbuy me garantissant le ipad? Parce que tu sais que Best Buy en distribue ce jour là.

  • ATN

    FInally heard the launch to be starting at 5pm rather than the promised 8am. Had that confirmed at the Apple Store @ Eaton Center.

  • Tiffanywood

    really wongnog… 5:30 am? i have never lined up for a apple product in my life.. i just got off the phone with apple and he says they will not go for sale unil 5pm. i am planning on going to yorkdale too. have you waited in line b4?

  • Tiffanywood

    that is what the apple guy said to me 1am pacific so 4am eastern

  • Anonymous

    well 5:30am was the planned time if the launch was 8am. Now that I think it’s confirmed for 5pm I plan to be there before noon, maybe 10am. I’m going with a friend, we’re bringing stools and food and ipads and movies 🙂 I have never lined up for any Apple launch before so this will be my first! I will also order online as a contingency in case they don’t have the models in stock that we want. I probably won’t cancel the order as I can sell the extra iPads if there is going to be a shortage as predicted.

  • Tiffanywood

    sounds like you have it all planned out 🙂 you are lucky you have someone to hang with.

  • Stojkovic

    Anyone in Toronto lining up early Friday morning? If so, I’d be willing to pay a “service fee” to allow me to join you in line Friday morning before work…. Heck! I’d even be willing to bring you a Tim’s double double should you wish!

    If anyones interested in my offer, throw me your phone number to [email protected].


  • Stojkovic

    Are you lining up early?

  • Stojkovic

    Are you lining up early?

  • Stojkovic

    Are you lining up?

  • Stojkovic

    Are you lining up?

  • Stojkovic

    Are you lining up early?

  • Jj
  • Lexi

    Does anyone know the release time for Sherway Gardens? I don’t want to be there at 6 am only to be waiting for 12 hours…

  • Fanboy

    It’s 5pm just saw it on the Apple web site, so much for a reliable source :p

  • Jhsikf

    read the article above PROPERLY and you’ll find out