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European Firms Can’t Get iPad 2 For Meetings, Problem In Canada Too?

by on April 4th, 2011

Here’s an odd story. Some European businesses have reportedly faced a problem in having to delay their board meetings due to iPad 2 shortages. Instead of simply using laptops, these companies have, in some cases, canceled meetings entirely!

Diligent Boardbooks’ Simon Small noted to the [Financial Times] that “almost all” large companies in the continent want to use the Apple tablet for meeting notes, but the chronic shortages have left many of them without supply.

Aside from amazing consumer demand, the lack of iPad 2 supply also stems from Apple’s two iPad devices per person restriction. This has reportedly prevented many firms from going paperless with the iPad 2.

Small cited an example of 10 clients across Africa and Europe who needed a total of 200 iPad 2s in the next month.

We’ve seen a similar paperless trend in Canada, with various businesses and government bodies looking to eliminate paper waste and weight. While the iPad in Canada starts at $549, the volume of paper from meetings has made a tablet an economical long term option.

It’s surprising to hear that European firms have been unable to get their iPad 2 orders, as in Canada, Apple allows business customers to purchase more than two iPad devices at a time. In some cases, business customers may order in excess of 10 devices per order.

Small added that he hadn’t seen any companies, at least in Britain, trying to use Android or another platform for the same purpose. “In the UK, the only tablet businesses want to view their board papers on right now is the iPad 2,” he said.

We have not heard of any Canadian firms having trouble getting iPad devices yet, but it is interesting to see that European firms, at least, are choosing iPad over any other tablet!



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