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Dell: Apple Will Fail In Enterprise

by on March 31st, 2011

I love these types of stories.

So Andy Lark, who is Dell’s global head of marketing for large enterprise and public organizations, was speaking to CIO Australia in Sydney and was quoted as follows:

“Apple is great if you’ve got a lot of money and live on an island…It’s not so great if you have to exist in a diverse, open, connected enterprise; simple things become quite complex.”

Okay, not a bad argument. Both sides could dual it out. But wait, Andy has more:

“An iPad with a keyboard, a mouse and a case [means] you’ll be at $1500 or $1600; that’s double of what you’re paying,” he claimed. “That’s not feasible.”

Huh? *cue record scratch sound*

$1500 or $1600? What a curious number to just throw out. We know marketing guys love to make stuff up or make themselves and their company’s sound great, but do we have a math problem here?

In a great move, the folks over at Macgasm ran the numbers:

All prices in USD

  • iPad = $499
  • Apple Wireless Keyboard = $69.00
  • iPad Dock = $29.00
  • iPad Smart Cover = $69.00
  • Grand Total = $666.00

If we compare the Dell marketing guy’s number, we’re $1,000 short. But he did mention a mouse with the iPad, so maybe it’s a $1,000 mouse? In terms of enterprise, it seems that business is embracing the iPad pretty good.

There’s definitely some FUD here.

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  • Mike

    “Michael Dell was asked what he would do if he owned then-troubled Apple Computer, he said “I’d shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders.” In 2006, Steve Jobs sent an email to all employees when Apple’s market capitalization rose above Dell’s. The email read:

    Team, it turned out that Michael Dell wasn’t perfect at predicting the future. Based on today’s stock market close, Apple is worth more than Dell. Stocks go up and down, and things may be different tomorrow, but I thought it was worth a moment of reflection today. Steve.”

  • Anonymous

    he’s a moron.

  • Parsa

    Ipad: 849
    accessories: 150
    total: $1000
    tax: $130
    grand total: $1130….

    The guy is $370 off not $1000!!

  • VickkyS

    The majority of people won’t buy the 64g 3G.. so it’s most likely going to be more than $370 off.