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Dead iPad Pixel? Check Out Apple’s Policy!

by on November 3rd, 2010

According to BGR, Apple’s policy on the acceptable number of dead pixels was recently updated. The policy guide, seen below, is used as a reference for Apple’s Mac Geniuses when addressing product display problems and whether or not to replace or repair the affected product.

As seen in the table below, there are a number of acceptable pixel anomalies for each product LCD screen size.

As noted in the table, an iPad can have up to three pixel problems before a repair or replacement is decided, however an iPhone is to be repaired or replacement with even one pixel problem!

Also worth noting, MacBook and MacBook Pro/Air models can have a combination of up to seven bright/dark pixel problems before the eighth problem issues a repair or replacement.

So, if you’re having pixel problems with your iPad, it’s time to get it checked out!


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  • Anonymous

    Dammm, got only 1 ))

  • Very interesting to see a guide. Back about 3 to 4 year ago Sony PSP had a 5 Dead/Stuck pixel limit before they would take it in for repair. Noticing mine had 3, I bought it back to EB games, they told me 3 is acceptable, and refused to give me a replacement. I went home, took a magnet to my screen, caused some real discolouration, went to a different EB games, and bingo New PSP lolTheres always ways 😛 It is alarming how flexible the pixel failure rate for exchange is.my first 3Gs has a Bright Blue stuck pixel last year, Apple swapped it after a visual inspection with no issues ^_^