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[Update] Czech Republic iPad 2 Launch Delayed By One Month; Is Canada Next?

by on March 19th, 2011

Ever since the USA launch of the iPad 2 last week, and the subsequent total sell-out, Canadians have been worrying if they will be able to get their hands on the device when, or if, it launches on March 25, 2011 in Canada.

Earlier this week, we saw Japan have their iPad 2 launch delayed due to the horrific events that have occurred. The next international country is now the Czech Republic, where the iPad 2 launch has been delayed by one month.

The Czech Republic Apple website displays the launch date of the iPad 2 as “V prodeji od 25 dubna”, which means “Available from April 25. The Czech Republic was one of the countries listed to receive the iPad 2 on March 25.

So far, of all the countries listed as receiving the iPad 2 on March 25, Japan and the Czech Republic have been the two delays.

While this delay may not have anything to do with the availability of inventory, the possibility is there however. If the delays continue this week, this could be very bad news for Canadians, who are no strangers to iPad delays.

Update: Looks like it was an editing error. The date has been changed back to March.


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  • Anonymous

    Some people are suggesting it’s a mistake on the Apple Website… IDK if its true, but people are saying it isnt written correctly, so it might be a typo error…

  • Djs

    And remember what Steve job said , it will depend on regulatory approval also, if it is not a mistake on the website. Apple might not got the approval in time by the Czech .

  • Anonymous


  • Sesesi

    does anyone know what the prices of the first gen iPad will be like when the 2nd ones hit the Canadian stores?

  • Dhal

    Something to keep in mind – Apple never announced the actual date of the iPad 1 international launch.

    It was only assumed it would be exactly one month after the US release.

    Apple specifically stated a date this time around. As a result, I think this is a miscommunication. Don’t think Apple wants to be in the same boat again, with a lot of customers blaming them for empty promises…white iPhone anyone?

  • Ari

    Ok. You just had confirmation from Apple Canada yesterday so… what is up with this story? Need more page hits?
    This page still says the 25th:

  • Peter

    I wondered the same thing. This story contradicts yesterdays “confirmation” of the March 25th launch date.

  • Ivanbalic

    Well I was lucky, I got my hands on one in Florida waiting at Florida Mall two mornings:) It was well worth it as I have a first gen as well. Their is enough difference and feel that the upgrade is worth it. I sold my first gen for $400 and bought a white ipad 2 for 550US. Exhange being even i did well:)

  • Dhal

    Well, this story turned out to be FALSE.

    The Apple Czech site has now been updated to “Brenza”, which is Czech for MARCH.


    Further, Mac Rumors has a story stating the UK (and subsequent International) launch is still a go for this Friday:


    Good news Canada, looks like we’re getting the iPad 2 this Friday!!

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