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Could Charging The New iPad Beyond 100% Harm Its Battery Life?

by on March 26th, 2012

While we have learnt that the new iPad even after showing 100% charged keeps pulling energy for up to one hour after changing from charging to fully charged, a report by CNBC’s John Fortt (via 9to5Mac) notes that Apple has stated that charging beyond 100 percent could somehow “harm the longevity of the battery”. While many have observed that new iPad’s battery lasts longer if you let the iPad stay on those extra 60 minutes of charging, it remains unclear whether those extra minutes are coming at the cost of battery’s life.

According to Fortt:

Apple is saying when it reads 100% the battery indicator reads 100%. It’s actually full enough to give you the kind of performance that they promise in their marketing. That’s ten hours of all-day battery life. They say if you charge it more than that, you could harm the longevity of the battery. So they say this isn’t just an issue with the new iPad. It was an issue with the previous ones well but this battery is 70% bigger so you’re more likely to notice it.

While 9to5Mac has noted that Apple says nothing about this on its iPad battery usage/optimization page:

Charge Cycles (Charge cycles vary by use, environment, settings, configuration, and many other factors.)

A properly maintained iPad battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity at 1000 full charge and discharge cycles. You may choose to replace your battery when it no longer holds sufficient charge to meet your needs.

What do you think guys, could Apple have messed up the iPad’s battery life this time?

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  • Aren’t these things supposed to be smart enough to trickle-charge/stop charging when full? What year are we living in when you even -can- overcharge a battery?

    Does this hold for all apple products then? If I leave my iPhone plugged in all night, have I overcharged it and killed my battery a bit? What about my MBP?

    If the iPad battery is being harmed because you don’t yank the charging cord out as soon as it hits 100%, Apple will have a big legal problem on their hands.

  • Bob

    Who really cares if it ruins battery life or not! If you are smart, you would sell and upgrade your iPad from year to year.

    I sold iPad 1 for 700 and iPad 2 for 800 – both had the AppleCare plan.

    Who would keep an iPad for more than 1 year? That’s just plain stupidity given the demand for used iPads!

  • Greed

    dear author, please get the whole story before writing a BS half report. you go to google and click news youll find what you need. this is site is no where near what you expect