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Consumer Reports: Didn’t Notice Any Significant Speed Improvement For iPad 2

by on March 16th, 2011

This week, Consumer Reports completed their tests of the iPad 2 and their findings have come as a surprise to many Apple fans and iPad 2 users.

Based on preliminary tests of the iPad 2 done by Consumer Reports, the tests found the iPad 2 to be an improvement over the original iPad without increasing the price. Most people would agree with this finding. However it’s the next finding that’s rather shocking:

“One major difference in tech specs is that the iPad 2 has a new processor that’s supposed to make it far speedier than the original,” Fox reports. “While performing routine tasks such as Web browsing and e-mail in our tests, we didn’t notice any significant speed improvement.”

Considering the iPad 2 is using Apple’s new dual-core A5 processor, it’s surprising that Consumer Reports would say there is no significant speed improvements.

Anandtech recently bench-marked the iPad 2 and said,

“Our SoC investigation mostly focused on CPU performance, which we found to be a healthy 50% faster than the A4 in the original iPad – at least in web browsing.”

The Consumer Reports finding is definitely surprising and conflicts with many iPad 2 reviews, so who’s right?!

If you own an iPad 2, what do you think of the speed compared to the original iPad?

[Consumer Reports]

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  • Reianz

    Haha. Gotta to give it to CR. They prolly hate Apple products.

  • Cutecubmtl

    I wish I could tell… but it not even out in Canada yet! I don’t know many people (not a single one) who drove to the USA for that! And it seams that we won’t see that hapen before one month… (4-5 weeks of wait!)

  • Dale

    Definitely faster, perceptibly and technically. There’s no doubt or question.

  • Anonymous

    they r just haters now

  • Anonymous

    they r such haters

  • EdLeslie

    May not be faster at internet or email, because those are network limited functions. Silly statement by and organization that is usually so careful to test properly.

  • Ari

    Consumer Reports is just making themselves less relevant every day. They did not bother running benchmarks or apparently notice lack or checkerboards while scrolling.

    Most functions that are network based are dependent on network speed. Maybe they should have tested both versions on a fast Wifi network.

    They did not seem to test thoroughly. Where are the geekbenhc benchmark numbers like other people had?