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Confirmed: iPad 2 Launches At 5PM In Stores, 1AM Online With Price Drop

by on March 22nd, 2011

This morning Apple issued a press statement regarding the iPad 2 launch in Canada.


According to the release, the iPad 2 will launch in Canada at 5PM local time on March 25, 2011. Furthermore, Apple Retail Stores and Apple Authorized Resellers (Best Buy, Future Shop, London Drugs, etc) will be the main purchase points.

Online sales will be available from 1AM PDT through www.apple.ca.

Apple today announced that iPad 2, the second-generation of its third post-PC device, will go on sale in 25 additional countries this Friday, March 25. iPad 2 will be available at Apple retail stores and select Apple Authorized Resellers at 5 p.m. local time, and online through the Apple Store (www.apple.ca) beginning at 1 a.m.


While initially listed in US dollars, the release also confirmed pricing, which is $30 cheaper than the original 2010 iPad:

  • 16 GB WiFi: $519 (CAN)
  • 32 GB WiFi: $619 (CAN)
  • 64 GB WiFi: $719 (CAN)
  • 16 GB WiFi + 3G: $649 (CAN)
  • 32 GB WiFi + 3G: $749 (CAN)
  • 64 GB WiFi + 3G: $849 (CAN)

“While competitors are still struggling to catch up with our first iPad, we’ve changed the game again with iPad 2,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “We’re experiencing amazing demand for iPad 2 in the US, and customers around the world have told us they can’t wait to get their hands on it. We appreciate everyone’s patience and we are working hard to build enough iPads for everyone.”

Launch Inventory

Using the US launch as a guide, most Authorized resellers will sellout on Friday with no weekend inventory.

Apple Stores however will also sellout on Friday, but like in the US and with previous Canadian iPhone and iPad launches, many Apple Stores will hold reserve inventory for the launch weekend.

Apple Stores will also have the most inventory out of all the iPad 2 sellers/purchase points.

So if you miss Friday, your chances are okay to get an iPad 2 early on the Saturday after launch day.



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  • My only question is…. 1am for Online store ?? we know 5pm (local time) for the Apple retail store….

    But for Online store it’s 1 am (What time zone ??).

    And if right now, in the US, they have 4-5 weeks for online order…. and In Canada we’re the last country with the time zone to get the iPad (on friday), will online order from apple.ca goes in the same line ? and we can expect to get iPad from online order in 6-8 weeks ?

    I wished so bad for 8am instead since i would have wait in line all night…. but since i have to work friday… and even if i’m in line around 12pm… it’sa could be a disater and long wait…. hummm Online i guess… and hope to get the iPad before iPad 3 lol.

  • Ex

    1am will be in your local time zone. Just like 5pm.

  • Victor

    priced at 519.00 on apple.ca

  • Bob

    According to this page, it starts at 519$

  • Ericlewis91

    They will have so much available for Canada, and it will start from 3-5 business days and as they are sold online the wait time will increase… (to 1-2 weeks then 2-3 then 4-5 weeks like the States)

  • No I don’t think 1am will be in your local time zone, as this was not the case for when they did the online sales for the US. How can an online sale be in your local time zone? It will either be 1am pacific standard time or Eastern standard time.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know what is the best recommended time to line up at the Apple store?

  • Thedude

    Phoned apple to check on this, he says best guess is 1 am pt, as with the states. Again said to phone back Thursday though..

  • Vazandrew

    So my plan is to get one online as soon as they are available as I have to work Friday. But I might try to go to the Square One store on Saturday, in the small event I get one there what would be the procedure for cancelling the online order?

  • Ex

    I didn’t get mine online, so I wasn’t keeping track of .com sales. But whatever it was in the US, will be the same here.

  • Aklsdjflk

    1 am PDT Dummuy

  • Hadrian Robinson

    What time zone for the online ordering?!!!

  • Alex

    Retail stores(WEM, Southgate Mall), Bestbuy, London Drugs and others(?) Where should I go in Edmonton?

  • Ex

    If you have no close Apple Store, go to Best Buy early.

  • Hardkore11

    How can you be so sure? iPhone 4 was 3 weeks from the get go.

  • Ex

    Most people in the US started lining up around 6am the day off, I believe.

  • Ex

    Most people in the US started lining up around 6am the day off, I believe.

  • VCapplefan


  • Anonymous

    Damn…. well, it’s going to be a long day for me then. 🙂

  • Kamdhatt

    100% sure its pacific

  • Mick232mick

    I have a question…if i live in montreal…at what time they will sell the ipad? Online? And in store?

  • Anonymous

    Should I buy my White iPad 2 3G 16gb? 1) At the Apple Store in Fairview Pointe-Claire, at the Apple Store on Saint-Catherines Street or at walmart, bestbuy, futureshop?
    2) Also at what time should I go in line?
    3) Should I buy it online at 3am EST?

  • Ex

    1.) Any Apple Store
    2.) Think about how early the biggest fan would be there. Then go three
    hours earlier.
    3.) If you want it first, see Step 2.

  • Stev0fcb

    Is anyone here going to the Launch in Calgary? If so Market Mall or Chinook Centre. Which one is expected to be busier?

  • Anonymous

    Dude! Sadiq! It’s Nick (from eBay, with the twins)

    What a small freaking world.

    Everything looks like it mirrors the us launch. Looking at the pricing, though, waiting for Canada wouldn’t have been so bad, actually. Was not expecting the, to drop the price that much. 30 bucks less? Impressive!

    That said, having it for 2 weeks sure helped me keep my impatience away.

    Are you getting one? We need to catch up soon man. Email me with my username and gmail!

  • Janna

    If I buy an iPad 2 online at 1 am what are the cancellation policies if I end up finding one at a store on Friday?

  • Stev0fcb

    At this point Im not even picky on what model I want to get, I just want an iPad 2!!!

  • Bigsmokejoey

    Best bet, unless you have a full night, and day, and night to kill, just go online at 12:59am, refresh until you can put one in your shopping cart and order it that way. You might have to wait the weekend and receive it on Monday or Tuesday, but at least you didn’t kill an entire day “on the slim chance” you get one. Been there, done that. I’m too old and too busy to do that anymore. I nearly wasted an entire day for the iPhone 4….and I’m not doing that again!!

  • iris

    From Apple’s website: http://store.apple.com/ca/help/viewing_changing_orders

    “You may be able cancel an item or an entire order online, provided the item(s) in your order have not been prepared for shipment, or have not shipped.

    Go to online Order Status, and select to view the order details of the order containing the item(s) you want to cancel. From the Order Details page, you can click the “Cancel items” link.

    Items in your order will be divided into items that are eligible for cancellation online and items you cannot cancel. For each item that you can cancel online, you will need to select the item and a reason for cancellation. Once you’ve submitted your cancellation, we’ll send an email with your cancellation details. You can also view your cancellation on the order details page of the order containing your cancelled item(s) – the status of the items will read “Cancelled”. You will not be billed for these items.

    If you are unable to cancel item(s) online and need to make a return, please review the Returns & Refunds section of online Help or call 1-800-676-2775.”

  • cayouche

    That would be true if current lead time was not 4-5 weeks.

  • Stev0fcb

    Where was this that you waited all day for the iPhone?

  • VCapplefan


  • VCapplefan


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  • Mike

    Chinook will be busier. I’d go to Market Mall.

  • Mike

    You’re assuming Canada has a specific online stock, which they almost certainly do NOT.

    I doubt there is another factory spitting these out that would lead you to get one before the US orders that are saying 4 to 5 weeks. Not only is that not fair, it is not logical. Online orders will not be 1-3 business days. Not for awhile. They will be like current US orders, you’ll have to wait a long time, no matter what time you log in and order.

  • Anonymous


  • Kai Zhuang

    What time should I start lining up?
    I’m in Ottawa; anybody from Ottawa wants to be line-mates?

  • Drewgo

    Me too…. I’m going to open a bottle of wine and wait till 1am Vancouver time and order my 64G Black Ipad….. 🙂

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  • neo64

    hey! im also in ottawa, are you planning on lining up at rideau ?

  • Macolyte

    Bottom line (IMHO)
    – The big stores will be a zoo. You will need to get there early and prepare to party hard.
    – The little stores (FS, BB, LD) will be easier to arrive later and still get a unit, but selection may be much more limited.
    – I think there’s more frenzy this time because the iPad is a known thing (sort of like iPhone 4 frenzy vs iPhone 3 “vague interest”), and because of the 5PM thing instead of 10AM, and because the eBay sharks will be out in force knowing parts are going to be problematic so availability may not be as good as last time.

    I live near the US border so was tracking the Apple Store in Syracuse NY and Best Buy in Watertown NY for the US launch on Friday. It was also available at Walmart and Target.

    I started calling Friday morning and the line wasn’t bad at either Apple or Best Buy. No answer from Target, and the Walmart had no line up.

    I continued calling until about 1PM. At 1PM both Apple and BestBuy had long line ups and were pretty discouraging about making the trip to wait in line. From this I assumed they had more customers than inventory. Aside from Target, I was able to talk to real people who were friendly and helpful.

    A buddy and I finally decided to take a chance and drove to a Walmart near Watertown. My buddy got there at 3:30 and was the first in line, and I arrived at 4:00 and was third in line. About 4:30 we were told there were two units at the store – fortunately #2 wanted a Verizon and these were WiFi only, so I ended up getting one. And am very happy with Wifi only and iOS 4.3 tethering to my iPhone 4 which works great.

    Last year for iPad 1, I arrived at the local Future Shop at 9:30 and was first in line, and there were two of us when the store opened at 10:00. So I think if you can find a smaller store, you may have more success, but less party. Although I still EMail #2 from time-to-time to see how he’s liking his iPad.

  • Adrian_95

    People in Vancouver: Pacific Centre, Oakridge, or Richmond Centre??? And when should we be getting into line?

  • M. Alsiari

    i live in downtown Ottawa and planning to line up sometimes between 11 and 12pm at rideau

  • MexiCanuck

    I wonder why Apple Canada bothered to put a “Notify Me” button on the iPad page at http://www.apple.com/ca/ipad/

    It appears they haven’t bothered to use it to keep prospective customers informed.


    Hey EX do you think lining up at 6 am at the Apple Store at Pacific mall here in Vancouver is early enough or you think I should go even earlier.


    Hey EX do you think lining up at 6 am at the Apple Store at Pacific mall here in Vancouver is early enough or you think I should go even earlier.

  • Ex

    Send me an email. We know the trick for that mall when we hit it for iPhone 4

  • Ex

    Send me an email. We know the trick for that mall when we hit it for iPhone 4

  • smurph

    I’m undecided as well. Will most likely hit Apple @ Southgate. More units at Apple but more lineups. Less lineups at other retailers but probably less inventory. Hmmm…. I’ll probably order online as well just in case. But now I read something about a problem with the 2. Light leaking around the screen??

  • Ex

    Send me an email using the contact page. We know the trick for that mall when we hit it for iPhone 4

  • smurph

    yup. 0100 hrs Pacific Daylight Time. 0200 hrs Mountain ….

  • lol the way you name people (#1-#2-#3) make me think of the movie number 4… be careful, your friend could be killed first! haha okay that was off subject, but thank you for your info! and wow 10:00 and only 3 persons in line at Futureshop? I think I’ll go there then on launch day! I live in Montreal but I didn’t fiind any post about the line-up if it is long or not!

  • RL

    Ex, can I ask you what the trick is? I may line up there too!

  • Ex

    Just follow the instructions I listed. 🙂

  • Asakura58

    anyone know if it will be the 4-5 week wait like the states OR will we get the initial 1-3 business days delay?

  • Anonymous

    shit i have school.
    i really wish i could skip. im a die hard apple fanboy 🙂

  • Anonymous

    4AM Eastern time for online, and the stores open to sell the iPad at 5PM local.

  • Vazandrew

    I’m pretty sure it will be the same. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  • Ajriviere

    Ya me too. I think I’m going to go to Rideau at around 12 like the person above. Hopefully it won’t be too bad. I was there for the iPhone 4 launch in the summer and I was there for like 9 hours!
    Anyone going earlier want to be line-mates 🙂 ?

  • K Zhuang

    they said the store will close for 2 hrs before the 5PM launch. can we still line up in the morning?

  • Tvshogal

    anyone know how much they iPad2 smart cover will cost in Canada and if it will be available to order online on the 25th March?

  • Robpare

    Most of the Targets in the US only got 5 or so iPad 2’s on launch day so in my opinion I would stick with the bigger box stores. The best buy I wound up at in the US had an extensive stock but was still sold out in about 45mins. Just the Verizon models were still available when I left the store at 6pm on launch day.

  • GPG

    Is it cheaper to buy this in the states when stock replenishes? If I had a friend buy one in Portland for me, does it work out cheaper? Oregon has no tax of course.

  • Ex

    If you want to be first in line at Apple, do what we did for the iPhone 4 launch.

    If you arrive early, the Four Seasons Hotel has a mall access door that opens at 5AM. By walking through the lobby of the Hotel and through the mall access door, you enter the mall right in-front of the Apple Store.

    Bypass any and all lines.

  • concerned

    In Saskatoon… Best Buy, Future Shop, London Drugs. Which line to stand in?

  • Roudy

    Where do you plan to go ans at what time?

  • Ihome

    I think Market Mall will be crazy like last time… I’m in the NW and I’m going to Chinook…. I heard there was less wait times there last time.

  • John25

    But a lot of those people were from Canada! I think if you are there around 10am and wait all day for the allotted 5pm opening [7h] you will get one…..

  • Love2_1

    For the online sales, is it 25th 1AM PDT or 26th 1AM PDT?

  • Allappleallday

    I’ll be at Fairview Point claire at around 5AM 🙂

  • sweetP

    anyone lining up at the best buy at winston churchill and dundas tomorrow???????????????

  • Drewgo

    I was just in the Apple OZ web site and on line order are at 2-3 weeks for delivery…. I bet the same will go for Canada at 1am this morning…… Major Bummer 🙁

  • Vazandrew

    I thought it was up to 5-6 weeks. 2-3 isn’t so bad. I think i’m going to put in an online order to be safe and then try to track one down on the weekend (since I have to work Friday..no point heading there after 5 on launch day)

  • Gunfus

    is 4:07 on my clock and I can’t order yet online..!!

  • Gunfus

    is 4:07 on my clock and I can’t order yet online..!!

  • Gunfus

    is 4:07 on my clock and I can’t order yet online..!!

  • Gunfus

    is 4:07 on my clock and I can’t order yet online..!!

  • Zuhu

    on line order 2-3 weeks shipment arrangement, give up and try buy from retail shop tomorrow.

  • Gunfus

    I have ordered mine..! unfortunatly it open with 2/3 weeks straight off the bat.

  • Gunfus

    I have ordered mine..! unfortunatly it open with 2/3 weeks straight off the bat.

  • Gunfus

    I have ordered mine..! unfortunatly it open with 2/3 weeks straight off the bat.

  • Steve Jobs

    You guys do realize the ipad 3 is coming in sept?

  • Vazandrew

    Pure speculation and unlikely IMO

  • Elmer

    I tried and tried and tried to order it online at 1am local. Finally giving 1-800-myapple a call. To find out that for Canada the 1am and 5pm times are Pacific times NOT local!

    Woke up at 6am and placed my order – will be here in 3 weeks…. I feel sorry for those in line waiting to buy theirs at 5 Eastern…. they may be waiting a few hours more. 🙁

  • Durtyduster

    I wish the prices were cheaper, ugh parents won’t let me … Help! Any cheaper prices with 16g biite with 3G ????

  • Durtyduster

    I wish the prices were cheaper, ugh parents won’t let me … Help! Any cheaper prices with 16g biite with 3G ????

  • Anonymous

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