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Canadian iPad Pricing and Availability Announced; May 28th

by on May 7th, 2010

You are one step closer to acquiring the iPad in Canada now. Apple today has released Canadian iPad pricing and International release dates for the iPad. The following countries will get the iPad on May 28th (a Friday launch): Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.

These countries will get the iPad in July: Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand and Singapore

The May 10th pre-order date still stands.

Canadian iPad Pricing Revealed–We Predicted Correctly

Apple released the following iPad pricing for Canadians:

WiFi Models:
$549 (CAN) for 16GB
$649 (CAN) for 32GB
$749 (CAN) for 64GB

WiFi + 3G Models:
$679 (CAN) for 16GB
$779 (CAN) for 32GB
$879 (CAN) for 64GB

We previously predicted that the iPad pricing for the 16GB model would fall within the range of $549-599 CDN. Looks like Apple has stuck to its pricing model for Canadians after all. Even with our dollar almost at parity, the iPad will cost you $50 more in Canada. So for those who paid US pricing for an iPad, you got yourself a “deal!”

Now that iPad pricing in Canada has been revealed–when will the Big 3 release their mobile PAYG data plans?

Click here to read the full Apple press release. You excited yet?

Thanks to Daniel and Greg for taking the time to email us!

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  • kerrymorrison

    Seems about right to me and is a fair price for me to replace my wifi US one with a 3G Canadian model. Any word on data pricing from anywhere?

  • Now this is the turn to Rogers, Bell to announce their 3G pricing for the iPad… I have a dream: why not allow the data plan to be shared between the iPhone and the iPad for those who happens to have both… That would be really nice !

  • Considering Apple's Canada tax, PST and GST, the $900 I spent buying a 64 GB on Craigslist doesn't seem so crazy after all. In fact, it means I paid a premium of less than $40 to get one six weeks early, and I didn't even have to drive across the border.

  • A friend of mine who is a Bell Store Manager says that you can share data between devices (like a iPhone & USB Internet Stick) already, and says he doesn't see why you couldn't do it with an iPad. I guess we'll see.

  • clever27

    Hey Apple, check our currency – its pretty much at PAR. I thought they might be like the iPod Touches and about $29 dollars more like the 64 gig iPod Touch (which all retailers sell for $399 vs $429). Oh well, makes me feel better about going to Seattle and buying my 32 gig Wifi iPad for $599. Rogers/Fido/Telus/Bell …. data plans now please!

  • Data sharing is on a specific voice/data plan.

  • Edge

    How is it fair if our money is worth the same? Just wondering?

  • Edge

    I kinda figured it would be the $549, but was really hoping Apple wouldn't gouge us like that… oh wait, who was I kidding…?

  • kmphotographer

    I'm not 100% sure what it is, but having used my iPad tethered with my iPhone, the iPad burns through data VERY quickly.
    I'm lucky if I use 250 to 500 mb a month on my iPhone. But while on holidays, I went through 1gb of data using the iPad tethered in 1 day. Glad I have the 6gb plan from Rogers.
    But a lot of people are finding in the US, that they need the AT&T unlimited plan because using 3G on the iPad burns through data very fast.
    So I really hope one of the Canadian companies offer a true unlimited plan for a decent price. Oh wait, who am I kidding.

  • Rogers and Co. will probably remain mum until the last minute. I'm hoping
    for similar rates to what AT&T released.

  • You definitely saved time by purchasing locally, plus you've been able to
    play with an iPad for the past little while! đŸ˜‰

  • We need an unlimited option so bad…

  • vaziimolo

    This was originally posted on the wrong thread – sorry about that:

    Before the introduction of the GST, a manufacturing tax (~13%) was included in the retail price of manufactured goods sold in Canada. The GST (currently at 5%) replaces that manufacturing tax.

    I'm assuming a similar “hidden” manufacturing tax currently exists in the US. Let's say it is the same as our GST, then with our dollar at par with the US dollar, I would expect a 16G WiFi iPad to be sold in Canada for about $499CDN including GST! That would be a fair comparison.

    Don't we remember that because of the GST, retail prices would go down since the tax was now an externally visible one – the GST!

  • nulzilla

    looks like Rogers at least has at least set up a landing page for info: http://www.rogers.com/ipad

    but no pricing info there yet. I hope they'll announce something in time for Apple's May 10 pre-order date – it would be very helpful to know data pricing before deciding to go WiFi vs 3G.

    I was originally just going to get a WiFi model, but I notice data prices announced in the UK today have daily and weekly data plans, not just monthly – I'm thinking those would be useful for occasional use, e.g. if I had to go on a short trip. otherwise WiFi would be enough for general daily use at home or office.

  • Andre Cajolais

    Does anyone know what could be the reial price for ipad at BestBuy canada or Futureshop… The used to sell at a price a little under the one at original Apple Store…


  • Mike in BC

    . . . Or so they'd like you to think. In reality, BB/FS usually charge MORE than the Apple Store and your friendly neighbourhood independant Authorized Reseller. eg: Magsafe adaptors – $99 from Apple/Resellers, $109.99 BB/FS. Actually, I have seen the Magsafe units at up to $159.99 at FS until I called them on it once. In some cases, you will only pay $0.99 more at the box stores, but more is more!

  • Dwight

    Is there a chance of preorder being available at midnight? Or will it be later on in the day

  • Dwight

    Is there a chance of preorder being available at midnight? Or will it be later on in the day

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  • Mariah12

    what dose 3g mean and wi fi ??