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Canadian iPad 2 Shipping Times Slip To 3-4 Weeks

by on March 26th, 2011

When Canadian iPad 2 online sales launched early yesterday morning, within minutes the shipping time changed to 2-3 weeks. As the day went on, Canadian shipping time slipped to 3-4 weeks, which is where it is now.

Like in the USA, it appears Apple is having difficulty with demand. On the retail end of things, many Apple resellers sold out completely, as did Apple Stores, but we have reports that confirm that some Apple Stores still have plenty of inventory.

What this means is if you’re looking for an iPad 2 this weekend, it’s best to check out an Apple Store. If they’re sold out, online ordering it is, that is if you can wait a month.

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  • RL

    Which apple stores in Vancouver?

  • Platinuml79

    Apple in Carrefour Laval Still had all models at the open this morning. ( saturday )
    Bought mine and cancelled my online order when i got home

    Woo hoo !

  • Cashinstinct

    Apple Store Carrefour Laval had only 16 Gigs iPad left at 11h00 AM this Saturday morning, no lineups.

    I was told they did not have 32Gigs and 64 Gigs anymore.

    They still had Smartcovers, but no Red ones left.

    (I did not go because of this message btw, I was around)

  • Drewgo

    Just back from Pacific Centre Vancovuer….. Got in outside line at 9:40, and was out of the Apple store at 11:40 with my 64 Gig WiFi Black with Green case….
    Walked in the door and cancelled my on line order…..
    Must have been about 100 or more people in line outside, they were handing out White Cards with your item on it, as far as I could tell they had tons of stock, but out of the smaller white ones….
    Good Luck to all…..

  • Tornadogirl

    Was at West Edmonton Mall at 10 am and was out the door with a black 32 GB Wifi by 10:45…still about 50 people waiting. The salesperson told me that they still had lots of the black ones in stock but were running low on all the white ones. No cases for sale though which was a little disappointing…oh well…

  • Brid

    Just back from Chinook Centre in Calgary. 7 pm and they’re still selling ipads. They are out of most of the white ones, and the Black 32 gb are low (I may have gotten the last one) but they still have some. They too are out of the red smartcovers but had the rest.

    They said the lineup was done by 10 pm last night and they were open til midnight.

  • dkimak

    There are two, in Vancouver malls:
    * Pacific Center
    * Oakridge

    I think there’s also a store in Richmond

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  • Cliff

    Hi! I ordered on the 25 th at 4:00 am and they said 3 weeks, but on monday i got a tracking number, i was so happy…

    Got it today…guess what igot……….yep… Just the smart cover…now i am pissed….why all the mystery…Why get peoples hopes up…anyway thats my 2cents…

  • Jayo6969

    I guess you didnr read the part on your order where it says “Items will ship as they become available”