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Canada One of the Biggest Exporting iPad 2 Countries on eBay

by on March 31st, 2011

Anytime there’s an Apple product launch, people see opportunity to flip the scarce supply on eBay for profit. The iPad 2 launch was impressive for Apple in Canada as lines started the day before.

eBay has released some sales data regarding the iPad 2, via CNET:

What is surprising this time around is that eBay’s data shows a much higher percentage of iPads selling inside of the U.S. compared with the launch of the first-generation device. That number is 65 percent of sales remaining in the U.S., compared to just 35 percent in 2010.

Canada and Russia were the two biggest export countries. The 16 GB WiFi model was the most popular sold. Forget eBay, I’d be curious to see someone compile the sales data from Craigslist. Take a look at the infographic below:
If you’re still looking for an iPad 2, you’re not out of luck. You can still reserve and pick up in store on Apple.ca.



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  • Zachary

    This shit just pisses me off… I don’t live near an apple store, no iPad 2. Ship times…. Over a month. And to top it all off I just got my SmartCover. I shall pretend there is an iPad underneath it haha

  • Anonymous

    I agree 100%. Apple should pay attention to online orders made using Canadian Credit Cards to Canadian addresses!

  • Gunfus

    I SO AGREE!! it is OUTRAGEOUS.. I live in Toronto, but my wife doesn’t want to have the double charge on the CC, thus I can’t reserve one.. GRRR I have to wait until who knows when (before Apr22) to get my purchase!!! We should collectively write a letter to Steve !

  • AJ

    You haven’t been charged if your iPad hasn’t shipped.
    Reserve it, pick it up and cancel your online one the MOMENT you are about to pay for the new one (in store, when you pick up/pay)
    No double charge.
    I was going to do exactly that, but I paid a friend cash for use of his card. Asking for the 700 after tax back would be pretty tacky at this point haha.

  • Anonymous

    i hate how those scummy resellers just keep buying out iPads just so they can make profit. People that actually want iPads are being left in the dust.

  • Dannymark

    If anyone is interested, I visited the Simply Computing store on West Broadway in Vancouver late yesterday afternoon and they had in stock the 64 GB and 16 GB Wi-Fi only models of the IPad 2.