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BlackBerry PlayBook Firesale: US Prices Dropped to $299 for ALL Models

by on January 3rd, 2012

The RIM PlayBook holiday prices have continued throughout the New Year. Prices have been reduced to get rid of remaining stock, part of RIM’s almost $500 million dollar write off on the tablet, seen as a major disappointment by investors and critics.

Prices across Canadian retailers such as Future Shop and on RIM’s website still show the following prices:

16GB PlayBook: $199
32GB PlayBook: $249
64GB PlayBook: $399

The Real PlayBook Firesale is in the U.S.A.

In the U.S., RIM has slashed prices for ALL three models to $299, regardless of capacity. This is a deal for the 64GB model at that price!

If you’re looking for a discount tablet, the PlayBook is worth considering. But remember, there’s still no native email, calendar, or contacts application. The promised February software update has still yet to be released. The latest rumours are that the co-CEOs Jim and Mike will lose their roles as co-chairmen of the board.

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  • Mars

    Why would anyone bother?

  • One word: FLASH! 😉

  • KevinRoach

    On a soon to be unsupported tablet?

    299$ may be a good price, but it’s still 299$ I could spend on other things! That’s 1/4 trip to Mexico! For flash?

  • Comment made with tongue-in-cheek. A PlayBook would make a good cutting board.

  • Greg Korman

    I was born in the us but my family moved here when I was 10. I love Canadians but they cannot do technology, so I’m glad to see Canadians so gleeful to see a Canadian technology company in trouble. 🙂 There is no oint giving a Canadian company a second chance (even such a worldwide recognized company like blackberry). Even Canadians know they have no place in technology–leave that to the Americans and Asians. Canadians are not cut out for technology. I’m glad Canadians see there is no point to giving RIM a chance to catch up or give them any goodwill. Canadian programmers should work in the states for Apple not silly Canadian companies. Cant wait for RIM to fail. The massive job losses will be a good lesson for you guys not to pretend you’re grown up and can play with the big boys 🙂 🙂

  • I agree, it’s similar to how Americans cannot ‘do’ ice hockey like us, you know, with us winning the recent gold medal at the Olympics in Vancouver.
    Our population is a ‘tiny’ 33 million. Hey, at least we still have national treasures like Celine Dion, Justin Bieber, and maple syrup.

  • Ex

    When it hits $49, I’ll buy one to use as a nice wall calendar.

  • Ex

    Well played. +1

  • Greg Korman

    True, but Americans can’t do hockey because Americans don’t care about Hockey. RIM will soon be a trivia question. In 10 years kids won’t know or even believe that a Canadian company was once the most popular smartphone company in the world and even the president of the united states insisted changes to security rules be changed just so he could continue using a canadian phone. Its already happening as many people believe the iphone was the first smartphone ever invented (eg: a phone with email etc…). Canada should stick to worlwide rekowned lumber companies, not technology (you already used maple syrup 😉  I don’t even see the point of having computer science in Canadian universities. Maybe more of a focus on agriculture or forestry is the better.

  • karm sidhu

    Like this! I want to buy this