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Best Buy Canada Launching iPad 2 At 10AM?

by on March 21st, 2011

Recent news points to Best Buy Canada launching the iPad 2 this Friday at 10AM, like last year, where Best Buy launched the original iPad to long lines and limited inventory.

The news comes from the comment section at Best Buy’s Canadian web site where a person identified as an employee confirmed that the retailer will be selling the iPad 2 Friday at 10AM.

Like with Apple, long lines are expected and there won’t be pre-orders; inventory will be handled on a first come, first served basis. Moreover, Best Buy may use a ticket system to organize orders.

Was confirmed by my store manager. We will be selling them at 10am Friday when we open. It’s first come first serve and there WILL be a line up. If we are doing the same thing as last year we will be handing out a piece of paper which you will fill out telling us which ipad you want, size, color ect..

At this time, it is unknown if this is legitimate or simply someone posing as an employee.

As with Apple, who is scheduled to launch at 8AM, Best Buy will likely restrict purchases to two iPads per customer.


[Best Buy]

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  • Rox

    Any official price on the ipad2 ?

  • Steve said during the keynote that the pricing is the exact same as the original iPad. Look at apple.ca.

  • I really doubt the prices will change. They were the same in the states, and with Canadian taxes the extra $50 here is expected.


    Any idea when the online sale will start?

  • It’s funny how now every iPad / iPhone / Mac website use this headline on their own website…

    they seems to forget one thing…. Best Buy did some talking…. not Apple yet… Most store (like Best buy opens at 10am…. so easy to assume they will start to sell at 10am….
    But like other Apple products lunched in Canada (iphone 3GS, iPad, iPhone 4), they were all launch at 8am…

    So yeah, expect lines all day friday…. And waiting all night outside is fun and easy in june (iPhone 4), but in March…. it can be chilly…. 🙂
    The good part, buying an iPad is much faster compare to buying an iPhone….. line should move alittle faster once the store opens.

  • Devon

    Ok, but he also mentioned this as well according to 9to5 Mac …
    “If it’s anything like the US release date we will not be able to sell them until 5PM EST. I would wait until ~24th for more information on price and availability”
    So to me that looks like Best Buy will be handing out vouchers at 10am and then selling you the iPad 2 at 5pm.
    This of course if this person really does have accurate information.
    Oh, and the part that angers me, is he makes it sound like Apple won’t officially be announcing pricing and release info until the 24th. That’s ridiculous. Why wait so long?

  • Devon

    I just read somewhere today that it looks like the pricing for the iPad 2 in Australia will be $50 less than the original iPad. So there still might be hope for a slight price reduction in Canada.
    We just have to wait until Apple announces it. And if you believe the blogs and forumns, that could be the 24th.

  • Anonymous

    That’d be stupid, considering the exchange rate!!

  • Dhal

    I don’t know, I don’t think this is at all a reliable source. Not even Apple Store employees know exact details of the launch yet, in terms of date and time. And this is the Internet…anyone can claim to be an employee of Best Buy, and spew information on what they “think” will happen or what they “hear” will happen.

    I think the launch will be in line with the states – 5:00 PM. I plan on being in line around 9:00 AM if that is the case!

  • Hyrules

    that’s the question… i’ll be tempted to say something like 1am like in the states but i’ll try to check often that night because i dont plan to go out and wait outside a store. March in Quebec is still rather cold to stay outside all night that is if it’s not snowing that night .

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  • MexiCanuck

    I just spoke to someone at WestWorld Computers in Victoria, BC. Their usual Friday hours are 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

    He said they were advised on March 18 that their authorized time to sell is March 25 at 5:00 PM.

    He emphasized that they would have very, very limited quantities.

  • Teatime78

    We spoke to and Apple sales rep on the phone today and she said it “should be” available by midnight. I guess it’s anyone’s guess at this point.

  • Budorduke

    Spoke to apple today as well and was told online availability exact time has not yet been released, his best guess was 1am pt. Said to phone back Thursday haha

  • Here is Latest Similar News

    Canadians often get the short end of the stick when it comes to product launches and services such as Google Voice. That being said, in addition to the iPad 2 stock-out concerns many Canadians have been left wondering when Apple’s new device would hit the Great White North.

    Canucks rejoice! It has just been reported that Best Buy is preparing to launch the iPad 2 in Canada this Friday, March 25th. Apparently the launch plans were discovered within a comment thread at BestBuy.ca where an employee confirmed the rumours, stating that as of Friday morning at 10am the iPad 2 will be available.

  • Anonymous

    I find it interesting that, unlike the US apple store, there is no time displayed on the Apple Canada store page.

    So who knows. I’m just glad I sucked it up and went down on the 11th so I don’t have to worry about it here…

  • Anonymous

    I was talking to the London Drugs store here in Kelowna and they said that they were indeed getting the iPad 2 but they would not be selling it until 5pm on March 25th. He said it was an Apple thing – the 5pm??