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Bell Launches iPad Data Plans

by on May 26th, 2010

As reported yesterday, Bell has officially revealed their Apple iPad data plans.

The iPad 3G + WiFi data plans from Bell are exactly the same as Rogers, offering two non-contracted packages.

The two data packages once again resemble the plans available from AT&T in the US, except that AT&T has an unlimited package for $30.00/month.

The iPad data plans from Bell are as follows:

  • 250MB: $15.00/month
  • 5GB: $35.00/month
  • Both plans include unlimited access to Bell WiFi hotspots (such as at Starbucks locations across Canada)

Just like with the Rogers plans, iPad 3G+WiFi users that want Bell service will be able to active their chosen data package right from the iPad.

Bell today announced it will offer dedicated data plans for iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G in Canada, beginning May 28. All data plans will be available without a contract, providing the freedom to activate or cancel a plan at any time. Plans also include unlimited access to Bell Wi-Fi hotspots in Canada, including 700 Starbucks locations, at no additional cost.

The addition of Bell is great, as Canadians now have two choices for their iPad 3G+WiFi data service. Since the iPad is unlocked and the data packages are not contracted, customers can jump between Rogers and Bell anytime.

Now we wait for Telus to launch their iPad data plans, which will also likely be exactly the same package available from Rogers and Bell.


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  • kmphotographer

    Wow. No competition again. I guess our carriers don't want to fight for our business. I guess they are happy not trying to get more customers by offering anything different.
    I'm not surprised though.

  • I'm a rogers vip cable/iphone 3gs user. I assume rogers' ipad 3g plan will be exempt from any service bundling offer/savings.. Who am I kidding, it's rogers, of course there won't.
    One item of concern. My buddy has a bell iphone 3gs and his speedtest.net is literally triple of my rogers iphone 3gs. I get 2.1-2.3Mb down and 0.25 up consistently but his hits the 6mb down mark and 0.5 up (ottawa). We've done this many times at different times of the day. Same results. Maybe it's because bell has relatively few 3G customers that it's 6mb – who knows. But since there's no contract, I say go with Bell 3G for now. Hands down.

  • Figured they would come out with the same as Rogers.. Hopefully now Rogers has some motivation to beat them by offering a decent shared data plan.

  • Hyrules

    In canada it's pick a provider and hope you get good service and good signal. I dont understand their way of thinking. Logic dictate that you want to make competition to get more costumers but no not here… weird. I'm waiting for telus and after that i will pick one and hope i get good signal when i'm out. Some people tell me to go with bell others are telling me to go to telus since both share the network i'm confused but i leaning toward telus even if i dont know the price yet.

  • rorypiper

    I think this is worth repeating: If you own an iPhone, and are currently already on a data plan, you could save a ton of money by jailbreaking your iPhone and buying the MyWi app. This will turn your iPhone into a WiFi hotspot, that your iPad can connect to. This way you save an about $130 on the iPad, buy getting the WiFi only model, and save a ton on not getting another data plan. It really works. This is what I do. You don't even have to have an iPhone; there are other smart phones that have WiFi hotspot apps. Just my opinion. Feel free to debate. 🙂

  • kmphotographer

    As long as the cost of a micro sim isn't too expensive, I may pick one up for all 3 carriers. That way I can take advantage of the best deal at the time, and if reception is bad with one, maybe it will be better with another.

    Remember, these are month by month plans and require no contract. So we are free to keep changing each month if we so desire.

  • Limech

    Is it possible to jailbreak the iPad instead so that the non-jailbroken iPhone thinks the iPad is a regular laptop and thus allow regular bluetooth tethering?

  • I wonder where they'll offer Bell micro-SIMs. Will they offer them at Apple Stores, Bell stores, or online? I received my Rogers micro-SIM today, but I've heard Bell has better coverage in rural areas (cottage country, etc), so it'd be nice to have both options open.

  • agence

    Since Rogers won't offer a data share plan, existing Rogers customers would be well inspired to pick Bell. This way you are stand a better chance of good coverage either on your iPhone or iPad. No sense in putting all your eggs in the same basket.

    Until they all merge and become Robellus.

  • jailbreak the iphone instead? with the 10$ mywi its a permanent wifi hotspot.

  • livininvic

    Uh…. isn't price fixing illegal? Why do cellular companies get away with things that no other company can do without the government throwing the book at them?

  • thedigitalinkartist

    I hope all the local Bell mobility stores have the MicroSim cards on Friday!

  • HiltonHack

    Hmm…looks like we'll have to swing by a Bell store (or Apple store?) to see if they have any MicroSIM cards handy. Anyone have any luck getting one for Bell yet? (I got the Rogers one in the mail this morning in a HUGE envelope, but am trying to avoid having to open it 🙂 ).

    The Bell site has SIM cards for $5.00 (no contract), but no MicroSIMs.

  • The idea of being able to use iPad at Bell hotspots (as I have yet to find a Rogers hotspot in BC) and what sounds like a faster network makes Bell sound attractive to me even though same price as Rogers plan.

  • Chris

    How did you get a Rogers micro sim? I ordered one a few days ago but they are now not even listed on the website?

  • Limech

    For some reason, jailbreaking my iPhone which is tied to my 3 year contract isn't my first choice. I know my service provider can't tell (or probably cares) that my iPhone is jailbroken, but I'd just feel better if I could jailbreak the wifi only iPad instead.

  • HiltonHack

    When I pre-ordered my iPad from the Apple store, they had Rogers MicroSIM cards available for $0.20. I see they are not listed with iPad accessories on their own (I guess they are trying to limit them), but they are listed when you start a pre-order of an iPad. Go figure?!?

  • Chris

    Thanks…got an ipad in Chicago three weeks ago, and getting any info on sim card from rogers has been a joke at best. They were listed at $9.99 when i ordered one, now they are mysteriously gone from the website. Screw it I'm going to get one from bell even if i have to wait. free Mobility TV sounds pretty cool from Bell, Rogers as per their usual remain silent and clueless

  • Brian

    I love MyWi, and it has helped out in a jam, but it sucks down my battery life so much that it won't work for much more than a couple of hours with out leaving me phoneless.

    Still really debating having the 3G option, especially for travelling, but won't be paying for it on a regular basis with the current plans.

    Does anyone know how much of a pain it is to sign up for the AT&T service when in the states without a US account/address?

  • Brian

    Great way to try out the competions network without committing to a switch, there hasn't really been a great way to test a network for a month before.

    Rogers/Fido better be careful, they'd be smart to do something to encourage people to stay with them unless they are so confident that they have the best network afterall.

  • Randy

    I can't find any site that lists all the Bell (and other) wifi hotspots in a given area. Is there one? Are they strictly at Starbucks or are there others as well? Of course, given how ubiquitous Starbucks is, that's pretty much everywhere anyway. I'd like to find a site where you can filter by carrier so you don't have to wade through hundreds of spots to see which are Bell's.

    Since pricing looks like it's going to be identical among all three major players (TELUS has yet to say anything, but TELUS never leads, only follows) the only differentiation is coverage, wifi accessibility and any possible extras they may throw in.

    According to the FP article, Bell is throwing in their Mobile TV app for free for the summer so you can watch live streaming TV. I'd imagine you'd better be on wifi for that though!

    Wonder what, if anything, TELUS will offer to sweeten their pot?

  • rorypiper

    You can definitely jailbreak the iPad, but there is no hack (yet) to allow the Bluetooth to act as a PAN (Personal Area Network), like on your laptop. It is possible a hack could be done to the USB connecter, from the Camera Connection Kit, but there is nothing yet.

  • Dustin

    Are Canadian telcos price fixing or is it just me who sees that?

  • Dustin

    I posted my last comment before I saw yours. My thoughts exactly. I don't understand how they can get away with this.

  • Dustin

    I posted my last comment before I saw yours. My thoughts exactly. I don't understand how they can get away with this.

  • Simon

    you will need a US address and a US credit card, not a CDN credit card in US funds. Buy a pre-paid US Visa Gift Card, and give them a local address…that will probably work for you. I think they sell micro-sim cards for $15

  • al

    there is very little motivation for the telcos to innovate and try to attract more customers simply because apple is doing all the work and is providing a captive market…;

    all the telcos need to do is provide something as close to the competition as possible, without truly rocking the boat.

  • nulzilla

    so much for “competition”

  • nulzilla

    so much for “competition”

  • Ryan

    Everything in Canada is price fixed. Even the three big Toronto gas stations, ESSO, Petro Casa, and Shell price fix like crazy.

    Up here the way it goes is that it's monopolized or price fixed between “separate companies.” And if they won't price fix, they get bought out.. cough fido/rogers.

  • Tom

    Has anyone who brought the ipad in the US got a microsim from any of the candian carriers. If so , where and how did you get it!


  • Lee

    If it matters at all to anyone, being a Bell Fibe Internet customer at home also gives you unlimited access to the Bell WiFi hotspots like Starbucks as well. So for people with just a WiFi iPad like myself, you can at least still use it in many places if you're with Bell.

  • Marye Anne

    This is high way robbery. I can't believe that Rogers won't do data sharing. If you were to buy an iphone today the cost for their plans is outrageous alone. I can't believe people will even pay the prices. And at least in the US it is unlimited even though it is realy hard to use over the 5 GB. Guess I am not going with the 3G. There aren't any hot spots were I am.

  • Chris

    I phoned Rogers yesterday, and the gentleman on the phone told me that Rogers stores should be getting shipments of the microsim cards in today.

  • aslamnathoo

    To search for all hotspots, look here:


    You can filter by province, city and type of hotspot (airport, hotel, retail, cafe). You can also sort by carrier and download the list. It was useful for me in deciding to go with Bell since Rogers doesn't have a single hotspot in North Vancouver.

    P.S. I did hear a rumour that Rogers allowed access to Bell hotspots. Can anyone confirm if that is true or not?

  • Just got back from Best Buy with a Bell microsim for my iPad. There was a Telus rep there pitching the new Telus offering which was $20 for 500 MB, with a 5 cent per MB cost for anything over 500 MB, up to a maximum of $50 per month. Telus reserves the “right” to call (?) if you exceed 5 GB per month. Since Telus doesn't have free access to Wifi hotspots, I decided Bell made more sense for me.

  • Hyrules

    My thoughts exactly. I was going telus but when i saw their plan i went with bell. I bought my micro card this morning at best buy. I'm going for the 5gb plan anyway so i'm not going to pay 50$ + taxes for 5 gb when i can pay 35.

  • Joe

    So I pay for internet at home, on my phone and now I'm going to pay for it again on an ipad?
    Not likely

  • Reginald

    Guys, from now on there is no need to sign up for two Ipad microsim plans! A week ago I bought the micro sim adapter from http://www.gomicrosim.com, and now I can use one micro sim card for all apple stuff and other mobile phones. Costs only 4.5 EUR. Really worth it. Should save me 1440$, since now i have no need to sign for another 2 years plan with AT&T. Highly recommend this seller, his price and delivery options are the best so far.

  • I used to jailbreak because I had a 1st Gen iPhone in Canada, but it just isn't worth the hassle. Being delayed when updates are released and general bugginess is not worth it.

  • You won't jailbreak the ipad. Just jailbreak the iPhone.

  • That was beautiful

  • LOL @ Robellus!

  • It appears that way. It's so wrong. Expect Telus to announce the exact
    same prices.

    Just look at iPhone prices from all 3–it's pretty much identical.

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  • The iPad 3G + WiFi data plans from Bell are exactly the same as Rogers