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  • Hotcookieunderscore52
  • Xiantayne

    Now I'm just waiting for Telus to follow suit.

  • Hyrules

    about time ! Though i'm going to go with Telus when they do the same.

  • Shadow

    This had usefulness right up until they offered the 6GB data sharing option!!! =)

    I suppose it's still useful if you don't have a smart phone with Bell…. =P

  • Rylea

    The 6GB sharing plan is only available to iPhone Users on bell, if you arent on an iPhone Plan, no iPad Sharing, Trust me, if my android phone could link on bell it would be done

  • Iloveredwine69

    Things WERE going pretty well for me on Bell until this weekend. I ran out of data Sat night at 11pm. I was automatically directed to the new renewal form. I filled the WHOLE thing in (a lot of typing on iPad keyboard) twice and was rejected twice. A phone number was supplied by Bell but the business hours were closed.

    The next day I went to call Bell but the only way to get the phone number is to fill in the form again, be rejected again and then write down the phone number. I called the phone number supplied and was told it was the wrong department. I was transferred to tech support who could do nothing because they no longer have access to the billing information. Total time: 30minutes.

    It is now Monday and I guess I'll call again, sigh.

    Also, the local Bell tower in Truro, NS, which I used to get connected to is gone, so now the connection is in Sydney, NS., 300 kms away. And I could not get the Bell Mobility TV app to work for more than 2 minutes.