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AT&T Unveils Roaming Data Rates–“Canada”-Like Expensive

by on May 4th, 2010

AT&T has unveiled their iPad data roaming rates that are insanely expensive. They remind me of something Rogers might pull off in Canada–kinda like these plans (April Fools!). When there is a demand, there will be a supply. In this case it’s an expensive supply. Take a look at the pricing below:

– 20MB for $24.99/month
– 50MB for $59.99/month
– 100MB for $119.99/month
– 200MB for $199.99/month

According to AppleInsider, the 200MB plan will give you 35 minutes of YouTube viewing and only 10 minutes if you are watching in 720p. With these rates, you’d be better off sticking to finding free WiFi hotspots.

What do you think? Are these prices we might see from Rogers/Telus/Bell once the iPad arrives in Canada?


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  • These prices are insane. nothing more to say!

  • Paul Montag

    The big question I have is when I travel to the USA, will I be able to obtain an AT&T micro SIM card and use it in my iphone with a Canadian credit card? Remember the ipad is unlocked which is a huge advantage if this is possible.

  • Paul Montag

    Sorry I meant to say “…will I be able to obtain an AT&T micro SIM card and it in in my IPAD with a Canadian credit card?”

  • jordan


    On the apple forums for iPad it has been CONFIRMED that only a US credit card will work, so we're screwed.. I was planning on taking a 3G down there and getting an ATT sim card but that's dead. You also need a US billing address on the card so there's no way in hell it will work…sad eh?

  • jordan
  • One last resort would be using a Vanilla Mastercard gift card as that works fine as a US credit card source for US iTunes. It should work!

  • Hyrules

    200mb if you take the priciest plan where do you want to go with that. Even with 20mb ??? Just to give you some examples Ipadincanada web page is approx 418kb. Rounding it to about half a mb that mean you can view it 400 times at 200mb and 40 times at 20 mb. That's not alot. With that you cannot even view youtubes video. You have to stick to bare minimum send and receive email and you cannot add attachement because it goes up fast. Alright this is a one time roaming deal but it's pricy. I hope 3G plans in canada are far from that because i will not be taking one. that was my 2 cents

  • Disgusting pricing, to say the least. Makes my decision to purchase the WiFi only iPad look to be the right move.