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Are You In Line Right Now for An iPad?

by on April 3rd, 2010

Good morning! The countdown is almost at zero for the USA launch of the iPad. However, just because it’s debuting in the States only isn’t going to stop Canadians from heading down South. I know many people are probably either in line right now or will be at some point to pick up their pre-ordered iPads.

Apple.com has changed to reflect the arrival of the iPad:

Where Are You Waiting in Line?

Our upcoming TV megastar, Rory Piper will be standing in line at the Southcenter Apple Store in Seattle, WA. We already reported that he will be interviewed twice on CBC News (set your PVRs!) to capture the excitement of the iPad launch.

So, our question to you is: are you waiting in line right now? If yes, which Apple Store? How are the line ups?

Keep us updated on what’s happening on the ground in the comments! 😉

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  • loupetron

    Sadly, no. because I am in Canada waiting for the 3G Canadian release date with nervous energy. Watching unboxing videos while slightly whimpering. Wanting to get my hands on Pages, Keynote, and Numbers now! But I have to wait. It builds character I have been told. . .

  • loupetron

    Sadly, no. because I am in Canada waiting for the 3G Canadian release date with nervous energy. Watching unboxing videos while slightly whimpering. Wanting to get my hands on Pages, Keynote, and Numbers now! But I have to wait. It builds character I have been told. . .

  • Jordan


    Hah, That's exactly how I feel except i'm waiting for the Wifi only model. I've seen about 5 unboxings and it's killing lol. I made a piece of paper the size of an iPad and made a countdown to check off each day until the 24th (which is widely rumored to be the Can/Rest of world release date.

  • loupetron

    Yeah, I have a dashboard widget counting down. God, I am such an Apple Nerd. . . . 😉 I have now read the manual and the iWork help files. . .

  • Jordan

    …Yeah ive been reading the user manual too, All 154 pages should take me till the 24th to read..right? haha

  • Hahhaha. DIY iPad advent calendar–love it!


  • rorypiper

    Hello iPadinCanada! I am now the proud owner of an Apple iPad. It is all you've heard it would be! Hope you all saw my 8:15 interview this morning. Sadly the 11:00 am interview has been cancelled, as they want to talk to someone else then. I didn't get to plug any of the sites, so I hope they mention them for me!

  • Congrats–you made history! Will check the pvr later!! Soo jealous! 😛


  • rspitz09

    I was so hoping for an update for u up here in the great white north. At least some Canadian pricing, or maybe even pre-orders 🙁

  • 11thIndian

    It was never going to happen while Apple is concentrating on today's launch.

    Apple may be waiting to see how their supply holds up after this weekend to see what their tact should be for international launches. If there will be pre-orders, we'll probably see an announcement this week or next.

    My iPad is in my neighbours hands, on the way back from Buffalo. I won't lay my hands on it's smooth and subtle forms until tomorrow afternoon. Dammit!

  • LoWd0Wn

    Just got a pic sent to me with my friend holding my new ipad at the Apple Store in LA. Have to wait til tomorrow to get my hands on it,
    Can't wait!!

  • Mr.Emmitt

    I'm getting my sister in law to pick one up for me in NY in a few days (if she can get one) She'll be there for only two days. Anyone know what she'll have to pay at the border coming back? I'm assuming tax and then…?

  • Alex

    Yep. I'm writing this from my new iPad! I will come back to Canada tomorrow morning. In NY tonight I preorderd mine back in march.

  • davemccr

    Words of caution, I have an iPad, and am in Canada. You CAN purchase apps via itunes, but not on device. You can NOT download books via ibooks. I'm not sure why, yes I'm using a US account. Perhaps they are blocking IP's.

  • Wicked and congrats!


  • Peter_Pan

    I think you Apple freaks are a bunch of fucking losers. It's like you get your identity by the shit you own. Is iPad going to make you wife give you more blowjobs? Will it make your kids like you more? Will it enhance your friendships? No… It's just more crap to play with to make you think you're somehow more “plugged in” than the rest of humanity. It's just a sad commentary on you fucking retards who would rather play with a grown up toy rather than interact with humanity. Instead of reading a book on your iPad, why don't you go to a fucking library and rent a book for free. You might actually interact with a human.

  • rspitz09

    Wow thats a lot to say coming from someone who took the time to troll an iPad site at 13:30am. Maybe you should take some of your own advice. Or better yet maybe you can beg your parents to let you get a paper route so you too can afford an iPad.

  • Peter_Pan

    I'm old enough to afford many iPad or any other Apple products which sound like femine hygiene products… I'd rather own the stock because the amount of you lemmings who somehow lack any self-esteem to actually tie your own identity to some piece of plastic and metal never ceases to amaze me. The interesting about Apple enthusiasts is they always try to come off as “anti-corporate” when all they do is help Steve Jobs and other Apple shareholder's RRSPs and stock accounts. Thanks for falling for the hype!

  • What makes you think Apple fans don't own stock? Surely you are not so
    arrogant to believe that people who buy Apple products have no
    financial interest in the company. Then again, maybe you are that blind?

  • Who_is_the_loser

    Really, who's the biggest loser: The person who visits a blog to talk about a interest shard among a large group, or the person who in the middle of the night reads through a blog in which he claims to have no interest and then leaves a disparaging comment. Rather than leave tough-talking comments on an Internet blog, why not head to an Apple store and say the same things; you might actually interact with a human.

  • Been concerned about this. Was planning to go stateside to buy one but was worried the wifi wouldn't work up here properly. So….how are people in Canada getting it to work. I'm confused????

  • mK

    I am in Orlando, Got my hands on a 32 gig yesterday morning !!!…….I can confirm that after entering my Canadian iTunes account: I get the message “app store not available in this country”. Apps will install from iTunes though. I did call Apple customer support and they confirmed that there is no Canadian iPad App store yet. So I am thinking my case is not an issue of IP blocking because I do have access to the Canadian App store via my iPhone from the US.

  • Jordan

    You know, I am starting to think this delayed Canadian release date is a blessing. After reading a TON of reviews and seemingly endless Wifi Issues, I'm not so sure I want one anymore, I don't feel that excitement anymore. Hmm

  • rorypiper

    It is true, you need a US iTunes account to purchase apps for the iPad, until the Canadian iTunes store is updated. Just search iPhoneinCanada for instructions on how to set up a US iTunes account.

  • rorypiper

    I have not experienced any WiFi issues yet. I am loving the iPad. I really want everyone I meet to try this thing!

  • Jordan

    Of course Wifi will work in Canada, it's a wireless standard. I take my notebook to the USA and use my family's wifi down there fine, it's the 3G which involves a SIM card that is different. Wifi will work if i take my PC overseas even