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Apple’s ‘iPad Mini’ Would Fill in this Price Point Void [CHART]

by on July 23rd, 2012

Recent rumours have ramped up Apple is set to unveil an ‘iPad Mini’ with a 7.85-inch screen, with a starting price noted to be lower than the $499 range. Ryan Jones notes on his blog an interesting segment of Apple’s iPad price point a new smaller iPad would fill, based on the historical price charts of the iPhone and iPod.

According to Jones, his theory is based on a recent Apple conference call where Tim Cook stated “one thing we’ll make sure is that we don’t leave a price umbrella for people,” which would set the stage for Apple to release a produce in the $199-$399 range to achieve this.

Taking a look at the charts below, it is clear Apple’s strategy for the iPhone and iPad enabled them to capture all segments of the market, but the one void is the iPad–this is where an iPad Mini would fit in perfectly:

With Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Google’s Nexus 7 seemingly eating up the $199 seven inch tablet market, it seems the bottom segment seems ripe for Apple to swoop in and once again cause some disruption.

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  • ward09

    But if an iPad Mini sells for $300, it’s not going to change that chart very much.  In reality, the iPod Touch has more in common with the iPhone and iPad, so I think the Touch fills that demand right now.  If an 8GB Touch goes for $200, what will an 8GB iPad Mini go for?  $300 maybe?  Or will the introduction of the iPad Mini force the price down on all the iPod Touch models by $50-100?  If you make the Mini too cheep, you are going to hurt Touch sales.

  • Karim Bhaidani

    you could do this 16gb ipad mini $299 8gb ipad mini $249 ipod touch 8 gb $199 no harm done to the ipod touch sales 😛

  • drakester_77

    They still sell the iPad 1, which fits in that price point void (well, at least down in the states).

  • drakester_77

    Oh, never mind. They only sell iPad 1s refurbished.