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Apple’s FaceTime Coming To The iPad

by on July 15th, 2010

Building up to the iPad launch, and even after the launch, rumors were intense about a front-facing iPad camera. The evidence to support a camera in the iPad was overwhelming.

The camera rumors began with a leaked iPad hardware frame that clearly had room for a camera. Soon after that came camera-related job postings at Apple, followed by hidden iPad SDK camera files. Soon after that, there were even more hardware photos showing room for a camera.

Today, the folks over at Boy Genius Report are reporting that they have figured out how Apple’s FaceTime (the video calling feature on the iPhone 4) will make its way to the iPad and other Apple devices.

Originally, it was assumed that FaceTime required a phone number in order to make the FaceTime connection but since the iPad and iPod touch have no phone numbers, how will users connect? The answer: Apple ID.

Apple can allow users to register their Apple ID with their iDevices and that would presumably allow other Apple devices to connect with you on a FaceTime call. Apple is also reportedly looking into using push notifications to deliver the incoming FaceTime requests.

It is exciting to think of the existing front-facing camera on the iPhone 4 being able to video call with front-facing cameras on the iPad and iPod touch.

What do you think? Will we see front-facing cameras on the iPad and iPod touch?


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  • Mr_Big

    Front facing cameras will be the next step. Yes, I know it's not a new concept…..but when the idea of video conferencing was originally born, the bandwidth was nowhere near ready. I'm still not sure if even now we're ready, because 3G isn't really all that fast, which is probably why Apple chose to use Facetime on Wi-Fi only. Eventually cellular bandwidth would improve and Apple will be well entrenched with its Facetime that everyone will start using their platform.

  • JR

    I know this sounds implausible but when talking to apple tech support two weeks ago, I was put in touch with one of the techs/ developers who confirmed that this was in the works. He didn't know how exactly it was going to be implemented, but he confirmed that it was an idea that apple was in fact working on. It made perfect sense since a pool of iPhone 4 users alone would not be big enough to encourage more broad adoption of facetime.

  • Sooner or later, these iPad-like devices will replace computers for casual computing. We're already seeing this happening with iPad sales. The future is lovely, isn't it?

  • Shadow

    Damn well better not see front facing cameras on iPads anytime soon!!
    I only just shelled out for my 32gb 3G iPad last week….!!!

  • Ex

    You're good for at least a year.

  • Golffuul

    Realistically I would rather see some device that I can connect to the port on the bottom that has a dual camera on it.

  • BM

    This is great! Think of all those cheap ipads on eBay once the next ipad with a front facing camera comes out. I can't wait to get my $100 iPad.

  • Dual Camera? Heck – I'll take Single Camera – Any Camera. The iPad needs a Camera. Period.

  • zholy

    It would be awesome if my pad had a built in camera. But I knew that it didn’t before hand. I knew all that it lacked and what it could offer. I probaly will buy the next gen, but not if I can’t sell this one first.

    On another note. They don’t want the the pad dipping into iPhone sales. That’s why it lacks a camera. If you had a pad running OS4, you could use it as a phone. You could keep Line2 open constantly. With a Bluetooth headset, what’s the difference? A camera. And size. The later being in the pads favor. As soon as the update comes out for the pad, Im dumping my cell phone. Call me crazy.

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  • It would be nice to have something new again with iPad this year.