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Apple To Update iBooks With Notes & PDF Support

by on June 7th, 2010

This morning at Apple’s annual WWDC event, CEO Steve Jobs indicated that the iPad, and specifically the iBooks app, would be receiving a minor update by the end of June 2010.

The minor June update will deliver iBook enhancements that allow users to post Notes in their books and also allow the syncing of PDF documents. At this time, the only way to mark anything in the iBooks app is by using the Bookmark feature. In terms of PDF documents, users must convert their PDF’s to .EPUB in order to view them in iBooks.

The Notes update essentially allows users to type notes about what they were currently reading, which can also include reminders. The notes are saved on the same bookmark menu that you can use now to access and view your current iBooks bookmarks. Just like how bookmarks are symbolized with a red ribbon, notes will be a small yellow page.

The new PDF feature will allow users to drop PDF documents directly into their iTunes “Books” area. In other words, users will be able to sync PDF documents without having to convert the file first. Once in iBooks, the iBook bookshelf has been slightly redesigned with new “Books” and “PDFs” buttons to view just books or just PDF documents.

On a side note, the iPad is currently in 10 countries and will be in 19 by the end of July 2010. There are currently 8,500 navtive iPad apps in the App Store, aside from the 100,000+ iPhone apps that can also run on iPad.

[Imagines courtesy of Engadget]

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  • wuju

    I still can't buy books in iBook store, aside from the free ones. Anyone knows when we can buy book, I've been waiting to get some books.

  • devini

    Same here. What in heaven's name is wrong with publishers anyway. Always putting the kybosh on things. Geo restrictions, etc. It's quite annoying.

  • TeenWolf

    So I just wasted $10 for iAnnotate 3 days ago. I bought it strictly for the notes function on PDFs. What a piss off.

  • Topsly

    I use the kindle free app. Works great, CAN purchase ton of books and sync the page ure reading to your other devices running the kindle app ( Mac book and iPhone ). While we wait for iBook store to be fully operational!

  • Steve

    Kobo app is also good, and some books are cheaper than kindle

  • stonee

    You can download book in your ipad and share it in you iphone and ipod without more paying with it.

  • markuspirker

    Kobo has a very good selection as well. ( No annoying, not available in Canada messages)

  • TH

    Will someone please inquire of Apple Canada when the iBook store is going to live with Books for sale. These new features don't mean much until it gets real. The books there now are all worthwhile as they are the classics of English literature, we do however would appreciate a little more diversity.

  • Yeah I hate iAnnotate, such a clunky program. I just hope that they will add handwritten annotations to iBooks too as I need to write equations and diagrams in the margins of PDFs

  • Gues

    Didn’t realize until recently you can’t buy books in canada. Is this new ?  What gives?  What the hell?