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Apple Stores To Open At 8AM On iPad Launch Day

by on May 25th, 2010

This Friday May 28, 2010 marks the Canadian launch day for the iPad WiFi and iPad 3G+WiFi! Apple Stores across Canada will be stocked with hundreds, maybe thousands, of iPads ready for Canadian buyers.

As lines are likely to begin forming the day or night before, and definitely the morning of the launch, Apple has indicated that all Apple Stores across Canada will open at 8AM on Friday May 28th for the iPad launch.

Prospective buyers can purchase their iPad and then take part in a “Personal Setup” where your device is activated, set up with a data plan (3G only), email setup and more. Customers then have the option to join the free iPad Workshops occurring all day on Friday.

It goes without saying that if you are heading down to an Apple Store to pickup your iPad, you should probably be there early. Like really early. Like before the sun rises. And bring comfy shoes, maybe a chair, and some entertainment!

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  • John Moisey

    If they are selling this week what the heck is the point of pre-ordering if they will be shipped in June? Does apple know what's going on.

  • Dustin

    What about stores that are located in malls that open at 10AM?

  • djepsilon

    Umm, the point would be you a) are guaranteed to get one and b) don't have to camp out.

  • kmphotographer

    I'm guessing the Apple stores will have worked something out with the malls and security. As for lining up, it will be interesting t see when they start allowing you into the mall.

  • True but some people are not near an Apple Store

  • Yup. Those also. 8AM

  • Edge

    The initial pre-orders arrive on May 28 before noon (like mine!!!!), so I don't have to wait! I am thinking I should have ordered two though, because they're still fetching a decent mark-up on eBay. I really want to maybe go down at get a 32GB (I ordered a 16GB), and then sell the 16 on eBay. However, that would involve all this silly lining up, and the possibility of missing out on the delivery at home. Are the lines crazy long in the Calgary store from past experiences???

  • dmm

    Any idea about Best Buy and Future Shop? Will they start selling iPads on Launch Day too?

  • Brian

    I doubt there are going to be long lines, most of the people who would line up/camp out drove down to the states or pre-ordered immediately

  • keith

    yes they will be, however no info on stock etc, yet

  • Joe

    If I'm getting my micro sim mailed to me with my iPad, how do I set up a 3G account with Rogers? Do I call them or what?

  • It's all done on the iPad

  • gottahaveit

    will other stores such as bestbuy/futureshop be selling the ipad on launch?

  • stonee

    Well, at the time we will get an iphone 4G before it's released. We have an great impression for the leaking of it on april, and the new features of android as references, we can image how amazing iphone 4G will be. Than do you want to purchase an iphone 3G?

  • zholy

    We are almost there… !!!

    Can't wait. Spent much of this evening looking for apps to install. Might be able to get the day off Friday… fingers crossed.Like this free apps.lol!


  • Joe

    I think I did remember hearing or reading that it's done in iTunes on the device. Thanks for the reply 🙂

  • Funnyunkle

    Thinking i should wait in line with my ipad scarf the free wifi at the apple store! My US ipad works great — my Canada ipad will be arrive by mail. I wanna be part of the buzz…feel like an apple on friday will keep the doctor away!

  • guest

    I heard that Bestbuy only has WIFI models coming in. No idea on quantities tho.
    First come first served as usual.

  • Gretzkyguy

    Looks like Edmonton gets it's second Apple Store at Southgate Centre, the same day as the iPad launch. That's the place to be if your'e looking for an iPad that day.

  • Edge

    I'm hoping to get a 32GB Wifi on Friday morning in Calgary, where do you think the best will be to go: Apple Store, Best Buy, Future Shop??? Any suggestions are welcome!!!

  • Daniel

    not fair if the pre-ordered ipads get mailed late at night as fedex predicts!!! we should also get them in the morning???

  • Randy

    I'm considering going to the Apple Store tomorrow morning. My pre-order is in the “ships by June 7” category. I'm going out of town on the 12th and I really want to have my iPad to take with me. I fear if it only ships June 7 from China, it's not making it to Toronto by Friday the 11th.

    I've read some blogs say the queues won't be as long in Canada because many people already pre-ordered or went to the States to get theirs. What's everyone's thoughts? I have no desire to line up for hours, but I wouldn't mind going around 7:00ish before work if I was sure to get one. Would there be any hope of getting one doing that?

  • jengerson

    Hi, I'm a reporter for the Herald. If any of you fans are planning on grabbing an iPad tomorrow (or have already grabbed on and are in Calgary) please drop me a line at [email protected]. Thanks!