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Apple Stores in Canada Introduce iPad Priority List

by on June 1st, 2010

On Friday May 28, 2010 Apple launched the iPad in Canada. By Sunday of that weekend, every Apple Store and retailer across Canada that were selling iPads were sold out.

While there are thousands of new iPad owners in Canada, there are many people still trying to find one! So what do you do?

Answer: Get on the Apple iPad Priority List

The Apple iPad Priority list is a system available at Apple Retail Stores across Canada. Being on the list guarantees you your iPad of choice and to get on the list, you need to visit an Apple Retail Store. This is how it works:

1.) Visit an Apple Retail Store

2.) Find an Apple Employee and request to be on the iPad Priority List

3.) The employee will bring you to a Mac where you choose which Canadian Apple Store to hold your iPad at and which iPad model you want on hold.

4.) Enter your AppleID (or create a new one) and the reservation is made.

When the Apple Store you selected receives the iPad, you are immediately sent an email notification. Essentially, as soon as the inventory teams at Apple Retail Stores scan the iPad into inventory, your email is sent.

The iPad will be held for 24 hours at your selected Apple Retail Store. If you fail to arrive within 24 hours, the reservation is closed and your iPad is no longer held. If you are near an Apple Retail Store, the priority list is definitely the fastest way to get an iPad.

At this time, the priority list system is only accessible from within an Apple Retail Store. However, it is very likely the company plans to make the system available anywhere, so that users can book reservations from home.

Are you still waiting to get your iPad? Are you going to get on the Priority List?

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  • Neen

    Any suggestions on the best way to find someone to sell an ipad to? My pre-ordered ipad was delayed so I bought one in store at launch. I now have one ipad I'm using and one still in the fedex box. It's a 64G wifi plus 3G…I'm not out to make a profit I just don't feel like spending the money to send it back to apple

  • rorypiper

    I've been told, on Twitter (by @RuhnDMC), that London Drugs and Best Buy in White Rock (not far from Vancouver) have lots in stock.

  • Mike

    I think you can take that ipad to a apple store for a refund without sending it back dude… I know people in the states have done that.

  • JD

    best buy/london drugs in white rock have no stock

  • Jimmy

    You can return it by clicking “return item' in the apple order page. no charge for shipping, they will send the shipping labels by email. if its unopened, it's 100% refund. opened, they take 10% off.

  • MC

    Apple online and retail are totally separate. If you bought it online you will have to return it via the online process.

  • Jared

    I called the Apple store in Downtown Vancouver yesterday, and they offered to put me on a waiting list over the phone. All they needed was my email address and which model I wanted. I did it, and they said they'll email me and hold my iPad for me as soon as it comes in. I'm not sure if this is the Priority List, but I didn't have to go in, and it seems to work the same way.

  • Allison

    What are your thoughts for people who have preordered an iPad but have not recieved them? I just checked my order status and it still says that it ships “June” ( I preordered a week ago today) . However it does say that the case I also ordered at the same time ships on June 22, I hope I don't have to wait that long for my iPad!!

  • zholy

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  • When did you pre-order? I would call Apple and inquire.

  • Reginald

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  • Lee

    This is how I got mine in Miami a month ago, went in girl put me on the list, then next morning I got an email saying it had arrived so went in and got it. It's really easy and best way to guarantee getting one, saves the hassle of hunting around.

  • lorand

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  • The frenzy over the iPad is absolutely mind boggling!!

  • Mike

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  • tablets with cell phone operating systems are for the birds… Damn apple starting stupid trends.