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Apple: Some Canadian iPad Pre-Orders Will Ship from North America

by on March 12th, 2012

Last week Apple announced pre-order availability of their new Retina Display iPad, with Canada being part of the initial launch countries. Even though Apple servers were slammed during the initial pre-order period, pretty much everyone was able to get their iPads through the checkout.

We earlier first noted Apple’s delivery date map for Canada, where it expected those in ‘Zone 1’ areas to receive their new iPads on March 16th, the launch date in Canada, the U.S. and more. Some deliveries of iPad accessories have already shipped and arrived, along with actual iPad orders with tracking numbers. However, most iPad orders are stuck in the ‘Preparing for Shipment’ phase.

New iPads Are Being Held in Warehouses in Canada and the U.S.

Earlier, iPad in Canada commenter day03 said he spoke with Apple on the phone and they noted his new iPad was coming from a warehouse in Canada, hence why his order status was still ‘Preparing for Shipment’.

I called Apple to corroborate this info, and from the phone rep I spoke to, initial new iPad pre-orders will be shipped from the U.S., whereas new pre-orders will be shipped from overseas, hence the delay of a few weeks.

My order is currently at a warehouse in Jonestown, Pennsylvania. For my order to arrive on Friday, March 16th as promised by Apple’s delivery map, I can foresee my order status to change to ‘shipped’ by Wednesday night at the latest. If that doesn’t happen, my new iPad order could be coming next week. But right now I’m hopeful it’ll arrive on launch day, just like my iPhone 4S pre-order.

It still seems though some new iPad pre-orders are still coming from Asia, as many of you have sent us tweets to indicate this. Most likely, it’s a combination of overseas shipments and new iPads being ready and waiting in North America for the pre-order onslaught that resulted in sales that were ‘off the charts’.

If you talk to Apple support on the phone, ask them where your order is being held, and let us know in the comments.

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  • Retrobanks

    My engraved new iPad has been in Louisville, Kentucky for 3days. Shipped from China on Mar 9th.

  • Opus

    I ordered on March 7th around 6pm-ish EST, mine is still stuck at “Preparing for Shipment” status.  My friend who ordered on March 8th ~10am already has a status of “Shipped” although he isn’t able to see where his is shipping from.  His is being shipped to in north end of Richmond Hill while mine is being shipped to my work at downtown Toronto. 

    If what this article said is true, I am still hopeful I’ll get mine by March 16th as I have received stuff from Rogers by UPS within one to two business days from their warehouse in Concord (for comparison).

    I am constantly checking my email and order status using the Apple Store app.  Not going to be very productive at work this whole week.  I WANT MY NEW TOY…LOL!!!

  • ACltd

    i hope it is coming from canada because that means it has already cleared customs!

  • Call 1-800-MY-APPLE and ask where you iPad is. I’m curious to what Apple will say!

  • thevarmanator

    I called this morning and the guy said it was in PA. Didn’t give me a city. Looks like our iPads are together, Gary.

  • Nice. That is awesome. iPad brothers.

    I had to squeeze the location out of him, and also asked about Canadian warehouses. He didn’t say anything other than the PA info.

  • day03

    The Apple representative offered to take some time to try to find where the Canadian warehouse is located, unfortunately he said he wasn’t able to find the information anywhere.

  • Bentguy

    Yours is with mine then in Louisville. Been there since Friday afternoon. Mine was also engraved and I placed my order a few hours after last Wednesday’s event.

  • Anderson_46

    just got this email from apple about my shipment:
    Dear Apple Customer,
    Thank you for your recent online order at the Apple Store.  We appreciate your business.
    We want to confirm that your original delivery date of March 16th, 2012 is correct.
    Tracking information for this order will be available starting March 15th.  On or after this date, you can click the Track Shipment button on your original Shipment Notification email, or you can check the delivery status of your order by visiting the Apple Store and clicking Account.
    Thanks for your time and for shopping with Apple.
    The Apple Online Store

  • Same with mine.  From what I’ve heard though the UPS facility in Louisville is one of the largest in UPS’ system.  Since Apple is shipping via World Ease, I wouldn’t be surprised if a large number of iPads are being warehoused there in order to clear customs together as well as to be stored until closer to the release date this Friday.  That said, I’m not 100% sure on this, but it seems as though whenever a major Apple product is released stock tends to get stuck in Louisville until close to the delivery date.

    Do you have an estimated delivery date from UPS? I’ve only got the one from Apple estimating that it will be delivered on Monday.  Assuming that my hypothesis is correct UPS should be able to get the iPads shipped to most of Canada on Friday quite easily, rather than the Monday estimated date that Apple has provided.  

  • Ben

    I just received an email from Apple confirming the delivery on 16th! It also says that tracking info is available as if March 15th! Earlier today I received a shipping notification but UPS tracking data is not available.

  • Worth noting that mine is engraved.  Arrived at UPS Louisville Saturday at 00:14.  Delivering to Toronto.  Pretty sure my idea above is correct, so I’m expecting that all of ours will move out of Louisville at the same time.  5 days is still a ton of time to get move a package a few thousand kilometers. 

  • Sandy

    I ordered (not engraved) on the evening of the 7th and just received notice that my new iPad has shipped today (March 12th).  This evening I received this email update from Apple:
    Dear Apple Customer,Thank you for your recent online order at the Apple Store. We appreciate your business. We want to confirm that your original delivery date of March 16th, 2012 is correct. Tracking information for this order will be available starting March 15th. On or after this date, you can click the Track Shipment button on your original Shipment Notification email, or you can check the delivery status of your order by visiting the Apple Store and clicking Account.Thanks for your time and for shopping with Apple.Sincerely,The Apple Online Store

  • Opus

    Not sure if it’s just coincidence or what but like 2 minutes after I called Apple (the guy wasn’t able to tell me anything on the phone) I got my “Shipped” email notification.  Delivery date will be March 16th.  I’m a happy camper and can now go back to get some work done.  Been so distracted at work ever since March 7.

  • i think only the ones that are engraved will be coming from china as mine is and when i ordered the ipad 2 it also came from china but my friend ordered at the same time not engraved and his shipped from the us…

  • Amy

     I’m in the same boat as you, too. Stuck in Louisville since Saturday, and mine is engraved. USPS and Apple both say scheduled for March 16 delivery, so I’m going to cross my fingers that’s correct. Thanks for the insight!

  • Amy

     UPS, I meant. Sorry!

  • Anderson_46

    hey guys
    so i have two iPads coming to me by UPS. I have two seperate tracking numbers. Do you think UPS will deliver them together? or seperately?

  • Guest

    Seems valid. My tracking information states that it is being shipped via UPS Express Saver which guarantees next day delivery.(
    http://www.ups.com/content/ca/en/shipping/time/service/intra/express_saver.html). The service area is also limited to Canada only.

  • Opus

    Just received UPS tracking notification for the Bell sim. Shipped yesterday and is expected to be delivered to me by end of day today. Now only if the iPad can be delivered at the same time. **sigh**. On the bright side, it’s only two more sleeps. 🙂

  • Opus

    Update: Just got my Bell LTE micro sim delivered by UPS (March 14 ~ 3pm EST).  Hoping the timing would be the same on Friday for the new iPad!!  Total delivery time was just one day from the time it was shipped out.

  • Sharwood

    Mine 2 its been there since saturday at 12:14 to be exact kind of retarded its still there apparently clearing customs

  • Redson

    Mine is also in Kentucky … Still! Wednesday night! Hoping to see a status change from UPS tomorrow. Don’t know if it’s worth noting, mine was engraved and also ordered on Wednesday soon after the announcement.

  • Chris

    Arg. Mine is stuck there too. They need to get moving soon or we won’t see them until Monday – ack!

  • Ray

    Mine has in customs at Mt Hope airport in Hamilton ON.

  • Guest

    Mount Hope, ON, Canada     03/15/2012     15:20     Export Scan
    Seems like it just left Mount Hope so hopefully it will be in NB by tomorrow.

  • Jshear

    Mine is showing in Concord Ontario with express saver delivery which guarantees it by following day by noon . So in Toronto friday by noon seems to be the delivery time!!

  • Mine is the same way, hopefully getting it tomorrow. Ordered on March 7th, got the shipment notice on the 13th, but it only left Mount Hope this afternoon @ 1:30pm. I live in Manitoba, so if I’m gonna get it tomorrow, it probably needed to be in Winnipeg tonight. Says delivery between the 16th and 20th, although I am in Zone 1. Crossing fingers….