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Apple: Some Canadian iPad Pre-Orders Will Ship from North America

by on March 12th, 2012

Last week Apple announced pre-order availability of their new Retina Display iPad, with Canada being part of the initial launch countries. Even though Apple servers were slammed during the initial pre-order period, pretty much everyone was able to get their iPads through the checkout.

We earlier first noted Apple’s delivery date map for Canada, where it expected those in ‘Zone 1’ areas to receive their new iPads on March 16th, the launch date in Canada, the U.S. and more. Some deliveries of iPad accessories have already shipped and arrived, along with actual iPad orders¬†with tracking numbers. However, most iPad orders are stuck in the ‘Preparing for Shipment’ phase.

New iPads Are Being Held in Warehouses in Canada and the U.S.

Earlier, iPad in Canada commenter day03 said he spoke with Apple on the phone and they noted his new iPad was coming from a warehouse in Canada, hence why his order status was still ‘Preparing for Shipment’.

I called Apple to corroborate this info, and from the phone rep I spoke to, initial new iPad pre-orders will be shipped from the U.S., whereas new pre-orders will be shipped from overseas, hence the delay of a few weeks.

My order is currently at a warehouse in Jonestown, Pennsylvania. For my order to arrive on Friday, March 16th as promised by Apple’s delivery map, I can foresee my order status to change to ‘shipped’ by Wednesday night at the latest. If that doesn’t happen, my new iPad order could be coming next week. But right now I’m hopeful it’ll arrive on launch day, just like my iPhone 4S pre-order.

It still seems though some new iPad pre-orders are still coming from Asia, as many of you have sent us tweets to indicate this. Most likely, it’s a combination of overseas shipments and new iPads being ready and waiting in North America for the pre-order onslaught that resulted in sales that were ‘off the charts’.

If you talk to Apple support on the phone, ask them where your order is being held, and let us know in the comments.

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