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Apple Runs Out Of iPads For April 3rd Launch

by on March 27th, 2010

The title says it all. I can only hope Canada doesn’t face a similar situation.

Today, savvy watchers noticed that Apple pushed the ship date for iPads from April 3 to April 12, 2010. The in-store pickup option has also been removed! So that’s pretty much it for WiFi iPads until more than a week after the April 3rd launch.

The demand for the iPad is clearly strong, as the device isn’t even “officially” available for sale and is already selling out! As I mentioned earlier, I can only hope that Canada doesn’t suffer a similar fate, but we all know the answer to that hope.

Presumably Apple will have stock set aside for people just walking into the Apple Store to pick up an iPad that did not preorder, but until the iPad actually releases, it’s anyone’s guess.

Did you order an iPad from the US? Was your ship date pushed passed April 3rd?

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  • Jordan

    even though I live 1.25 hours from USA border it's almost 8 hours to an apple store in the states. I am quite unhappy with Apple at the moment, we don't even have pricing! At least tell us the cost! I strongly don't believe Canada will get them in April, I will say Mid-may as a realistic expectation. I feel Canada is really getting the shaft so far on the product, I mean…at least let us know what the cost is, I can (painfully) wait another month!!!

  • Jordan

    Apple store online is down in USA/Canada…maybe hope?? lol doubt it

  • LoWd0Wn

    An associate at work told me on Friday morning he was going Stateside and he had pre-ordered an ipad for pickup and if I wanted one to do that same pre-order at the same store.
    I thought about it as I wanted a 3G but then after some input from a friend here I went for it. Mine came up for April 3rd as well and I did it about 2:30 Friday afternoon.
    So I am plenty happy about that!!
    Thanks Gary!!

  • Haha lucky! Enjoy!


  • 11thIndian

    My neighbour was heading down to do some shopping that weekend anyway, so he reserved one for himself and one for me [32gig]. But I won't be able to get my mucky little hands on it until mid-Sunday, as I'm heading out of town for Easter at relatives. Bugger!

    Jordan- I think you're taking this a bit personally. No country except the US has received pricing or date of availability. As it it, based on Apple products in the same price range, I'd be willing to wager that the entry 16gig WiFi iPad will cost $549, then $649 and $749 for the 32 and 64 respectively. That's based on the cross-cost of Mac Minis [US$599-Cn$649].

  • Jordan

    Certainly not taking it personally, just a little bit frustrated and feeling left out… lol