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Apple Posts iPad 2 Purchasing Page & Accessories To Online Store

by on March 24th, 2011

With the iPad 2 launching in Canada tomorrow at 5PM local time, and online at 1AM PDT, Apple has posted the iPad 2 purchasing page and related accessories to the Canadian online store. While we can’t actually buy anything iPad 2 related yet, the page is ready to go.

We already know pricing for the iPad 2, which is $30 less across all models as compared to the 2010 iPad, but $20 more than iPad 2 models in the USA. Now Apple has also posted accessories and related prices.

iPad 2

  • 16 GB WiFi: $519 (CAN); $499 (USD)
  • 32 GB WiFi: $619 (CAN); $599 (USD)
  • 64 GB WiFi: $719 (CAN); $699 (USD)
  • 16 GB WiFi + 3G: $649 (CAN); $629 (USD)
  • 32 GB WiFi + 3G: $749 (CAN); $729 (USD)
  • 64 GB WiFi + 3G: $849 (CAN); $829 (USD)

iPad 2 Accessories

  • The polyurethane Smart Cover will cost $45CDN, which is $6 more than the US price, but is the same price as the 2010 Apple iPad case.
  • The leather Smart Cover is $79CDN, which is a $10 increase as compared to the $69USD leather Smart Cover.
  • The Digital AV Adapter for iPad is $45CDN, which is a $6 price increase from the US price.
  • AppleCare for iPad is now $79CDN, which is a $30 price drop from the 2010 iPad. AppleCare for iPad in the US is $79USD.
  • The new iPad 2 dock, which oddly enough does not seem to have hit US stores yet, will cost $35CDN. This is also a $6 price increase but is on-par with what the 2010 iPad dock cost in Canada.
  • Note: If you’re looking for the new iPad 2 dock, US stores (including Canada) will still be pushing the 2010 iPad dock until inventory arrives. So be aware of what you’re buying.

[Apple Canada]

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  • Anonymous

    WTF is this! The exchange rate is in our favor… This is absurd, I compared the price of the iPad 2 3G 16gb for Quebec and the USA. Look at this:
    In Quebec: 649$CAD * 1.15% tax = 746.35$CAD
    In Plattsburgh: 629$USD * 1.06% tax = 679.32$USD -> 663.70$CAD!! Now let’s say it costs me 30$ for gas (693.70$CAD)… Do the math and in the USA it’s less expensive by a good 60-70$…

  • John H

    You forgot you have to pay tax at the border on that $679.32 USD.

  • Anonymous

    Not if you don’t declare it… 😉

  • Ericlewis91

    and get charged for lying and pay up to $10,000?

  • Not worth it if you get caught, as every time afterwards you’ll be on auto-search.

  • I always laugh at comments like this. Are people so dim as to be unaware of the higher cost of doing business in Canada? Employees get paid more, employers offer better benefits, and employers pay payroll taxes for health care. We enjoy a higher standard of living in Canada and it gets paid for by higher wages and these taxes, many of which show up as the retail price of your product. And, as the man said, if you buy across the border and legally declare it, you pay MORE in the US right now unless you can find some place in the states without a sales tax.

    So we pay 30 bucks more at the till for our iPad. In exchange we get decent health care for all and a proper education system. Don’t like it? Move – but you will find your health insurance premiums to be a LOT more than 30 bucks.

  • Richard

    I would like DataMan because I try to get by with the small data plan from Rogers during the winter (mostly used for GPS enabled apps) and you can go over very easily on that plan. During the summer I use the 3G at the cottage for all around internet usage and purchase the bigger plan. Much easier to stay within the limits then.

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  • MexiCanuck

    Sure you don’t have to pay HST at the border if you don’t declare it. But why stop there? Just pick it up in Canada and don’t declare it when you leave the store. Then you won’t have to pay anything at all.

    Stealing is stealing, whether one steals from the store or one steals from all of the other taxpayers who have to pay more tax to make up for the theft.

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  • applecore

    So 1 AM “PDT”will be 4 AM “EST” is that correct or did you mean “PST”?

  • avonord

    WTF… the guy with the big red button must’ve fallen asleep. Wake up already. *slap*

  • Eugeneandlynn

    online store not available at 1:00 PDT out of stock
    Not happy

  • avonord

    I just ordered online, and my friend is still waiting. I guess it takes a while for the store update to get propagated their server farm cluster….. Keep refreshing 🙂 Still 2-3 weeks availability though. Guess I may line up tomorrow.

  • Mikepdoyle

    Anyone planning to line up Sunday morning at Square One?

    I may go for 7am.
    I heard from an Apple Store employee that people lined up this morning and got an iPad when the store opened even though they were “Sold out” yesterday.

    They must be holding stock for each day. Certainly no where near as much as Friday.