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Apple iPad Enclosure Has Space For Camera

by on February 1st, 2010

With the release of the Apple iPad came many new features and enhancements but also a lot of things that were left out. One of those missing features is a camera, that many rumors indicated would surely debut in the device.

In less than a week since the iPad announcement, rather conclusive information and photos have become available clearly indicating that the iPad was supposed to receive a camera. However this isn’t to say that it still will not have a camera by launch day.

Repair company Mission Repair has posted images of what they are claiming is the outer frame of the Apple iPad. Even though the iPad has yet to ship, Mission Repair seems to have received various repair parts for the Apple iPad. Whether these parts are genuine Apple parts remains to be seen. Check out the photo below:

The top part of the photo is the iPad frame, the center is the camera assembly, and the bottom part is a MacBook camera frame.

The photo is convincing, especially since the comparison to a MacBook reveals perfectly what the camera frame cutout looks like. As indicated previously, the iPad has not shipped yet, so Apple may still include a camera when the WiFi iPad ships this March 2010.

If the photo is genuine, the question that remains is why did Apple choose to forgo the camera? A way to jump-start iPad V2 sales?

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