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Apple iPad A4 vs Nexus One Snapdragon Shootout!

by on April 4th, 2010

When the iPad was revealed to the world, Steve Jobs presented the iPad as really fast. From user reviews of the iPad by leading tech journalists, they also found the iPad to be a screamer. But just how does the new Apple A4 chip compare to the Snapdragon found inside the Google Nexus One?

Anandtech took some time to compare the A4 vs the Snapdragon:

Unless otherwise specified, I loaded the full version of all of the websites above (the exception being CNN, where I used the mobile site). To ensure reliability, I ran all of these tests at least 5 times, threw out any outliers and averaged the rest. The rests were also run at around the same time to ensure that content on the sites was as similar as possible (and thus shouldn’t be compared to this morning’s Nexus One results). You’ll note that the Engadget results are a bit odd. It looks like the iPhone and Nexus One scores are bottlenecked somewhere else (there seemed to be some network issue plaguing the loads, but it wasn’t present on the iPad), but if you toss out the very large differences you end up with what I believe to be the real story here. Update: Flash wasn’t enabled on any device (not supported on iPad/iPhone, not officially available on Android yet), and all three devices connected to the same WiFi network. ┬áThe Apple devices used mobile Safari, while the Android device used the Android Browser. ┬áBoth are WebKit based but there are obvious, unavoidable software differences.

Here are their results:

So from these early impromptu tests, the A4 seems speedier than the Snapdragon. But of course, it’s hard to compare a smartphone interface versus the iPad’s tablet interface running iPhone OS. Too many factors are involved to accurately determine the true winner, but based on load times of popular sites it just reiterates that the iPad is faster at this point in time.


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